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Club officers on home page
Can somebody update the club officers on the homepage link?

It was last updated 20 May 2010.

I was looking quickly for our current officers so that I can pay my due.
Or is this a current list and the post was just created in 20 May 2010?
President: [B]Donald "88XJ"
VP: Peter " ak_petey "
[B]Secretary: Brian "Doc Brian"
[B]Treasure: Ole " 78calico "
[B]Equipment Manager: Brandon " akcowboy76"
Crap. I'll fix it later tonight or tomorrow. Haven't been keeping up with that obviously. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I'm the treasurer though. If you are going by TVSA I'll be there till around 4 or so.

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I thought I changed that in December
Done, I don't realize there was 2 spots.

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