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January meeting minutes
Fort wainwright bowling alley


mel and family
randall and family
pete and Amanda
shane and wife
brian and family
meric and Katie
eric and val
don and Linda
chris and family

Past rides

winter solstice run at 9 mile

Up coming rides

to be determined

Member vote in

meric was voted in as a member
mike was voted back in. Was a former member back in the day
dusty should be up for vote in next month I believe

Club business discussed

1 pay up your dues 45 for family 35 for single

2 more discussion on having 2 atv/utv/snowmachine runs qualify for 1 vehical run
Some issues that need to be worked out
A. Will require bylaw change
B. Will this count for members only for make up runs or will this qualify for prospects as well
C. Can any one be invited to come
D. Draft needs to be written up
More discussion at the next meeting

3. Kevin leaving the state will be a retired member

4. Lots of interest in out of town runs this summer. Stamped, fish lake, mclaren river lodge, ect

5. TVSA will be holding a meeting on trail usage. Not sure on when


Don. Will be busy with lots of projects
Chris. Never ending yota build
brian. Tacoma build. Still in planning faze

Next meeting

Saturday morning February 6th. Sounds like breakfast meeting and a possible ride after. Location, time and possible ride to be determined
Dusty was on one AO run...Jake's #2.
I have not been tracking him as no one told me he was interested in formal membership
TVSA meeting is 1/12/2016 at 7pm the Alaska DNR folks will be there talking about state trails and the Rex trail.
Your right he's only been on one run. I was think he was on two for some reason
Adrianna and i tagged along on a gilmore run. But it was a non A/O run.
Katie was there too

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