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2016 Goals
What goals do people have pertaining to our club and wheeling this year?

For me it's wheel and get my XJ back on the trail and road. More camping trips than day trips but I've been doing that in the past mostly.

As for the club my goals are to try for some more club events and gatherings. Maybe even a couple more members only rides, have to be some kind of perks to being a member. I'd like to see the club hit 3 new to us trails this year, no I don't know which ones.
Wheel a fair bit again.
I like camping trips Mel....pre-M&G was cool even w/o wheeling.

We can easily hit 3 new to us trails.
It was fun. I've though about the post week more and more. Still not completely sure but working my way back this was might work better.
My goal before break up is to complete my Toyota V8 upgrade, should be starting soon, finish my sliders (already started) and make my rear bumper so I can mount and carry my spare (I have no idea on what I want).

for trails I want to do more exploring, I don't care if it's easy or hard I just want to get out in Alaska and see what I can. Camping would be great trying to find meet old AK things (like wreckage and old mining equipment) would be awesome.
Was very disappointed that I missed the hoodoo run. Definitely at the top of my list. Also I would like to run stampede!
like the rest more runs and having all 3 rigs ready by spring. looking forward to camping/wheeling trips this year.pre meet and greet,stampede and hoo doo's.
My goals this year is to finish some projects I have in the yard and clear out the junk. I have a wheeler but want to get a second back up and running. Getting project M&G started at breakup. More trails and camping.
Fix up my trailer so it's easier to take the K-5 out.

Work out a few of the kinks on the K-5 so that I can use 4-HI and 4-LO instead of being stuck in one or the other.

Find time to get out and go on a few adventures.

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