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December Meeting minutes
Don need John
Brandon and Gianna
Brian Audra and girls
Jim my
Chris Osaka
Eric n Val

Membership vote:
Randy....voted in

Christmas party: members only next Saturday 12, 430 pm (1630) instructionswill be posted
Get on the forum to sign up for food and head count
$40 max for white elephant gift. Kid gifts ok if kids coming.

Officer vote in, term starts for January meeting
President: Shane
Secretary: Ryan

Trail rides: post up on the forum to plan. Club rides are to be advertized on the forum.

Membership requirements to be met still. Check your stats. End of December....

Question posed by Shane to allow members to sub run for actual run. We would NOT mix ATVs with rigs.

9 mile, pic usually at Santa Claus house. Actual date TBD.

Past rides: Jake's part one. Good run. Only a few issues.
Jake's 2: a lot of misc issues. Chains were used a lot. Ole tossed chain and shorted out his electrical system. Also a leaf spring center pin. Communication issues with not enough CBs to really communicate well. .

January meeting...typically January on Ft WW....typically Saturday evening. Trophy to be won! Plan 1/9...sign up later once we can book the time.
So is the January meeting- event on the 9th at the Bowling alley on Ft. Wainwright ?

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