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My name is Glen. This looks like a great group. I really like the organized approach and the wide variety of rigs here. I am relatively new to wheeling and I'm eager to learn. I have owned several hotrods and I'm fairly handy with a wrench. I love to work on anything that rolls and I'm always willing to show up with my toolbox if you need an extra set of hands. I am also looking for tech advice from experienced offroaders. I have a mostly stock JK but I don't intend to keep it that way. My initial mods include a good winch and recovery gear so I can start gaining some trail experience. Thanks for letting me take a look and I hope to meet many of you.

[Image: snow_jeep_original.jpg]
Welcome Glen! It looks like you have a good vehicle to start with and have a sound plan on starting to add recovery gear. Hope to meet you on the trail soon.
Welcome! Are you still in Eagle River? Are you relocating up north? I grew up wheeling down there. Nice rig for a Jeep, LOL
Hi All. I do still live in Eagle River but we have family friends in Fairbanks so we are up that way regularly.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm working my way through the build threads. Just some great rigs here! If anyone needs anything brought up from Anchorage or the valley let me know. It's a good excuse for me to drive up that way and maybe I can save someone some shipping charges.
Welcome, maybe we can meet up and hit the trail next summer during the annual Meet and Greet event.
88XJ, That would be great! Thanks again for sharing this site with the wider world. Good stuff.
Nice to see you've got the bug. It's a fun way to spend time with friends and family.

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