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Jake's Run Part 2: 14 Nov 15
This is written from my point of view. There were 9 rigs, I saw some of all of them, but not all. I didn't make the trip down form NP, rather up from Delta. So this is my perspective: It was a great day.

Mike and Don both texted me when the group left NP, and I finished packing a few things and headed out. Several trucks and trailers parked in the lower roadside pull out to unload trailers, and many had unloaded and were parked at the top when I pulled in with my truck and trailer. We finished unloading and parking trucks and trailers out of the way and then hit the trail sometime just before 10 a.m.

Skies were overcast. Mike lead in the unchained MJ with others following in whatever order we just sort of took off in. We made quick and easy progress to the first hill drop, then turned left through washout hill pass, then back on the trail without incident to the first creek crossing. Just a little water and no problems and on to the second creek crossing. We drove mostly over ice, but broke it up and by the last few rigs were crunching over ice and water. This would make the trip back through it a bit more interesting and challenging.

To the play hill without problems, drove up and over and around then took the traditional group shot. We decided we didn’t want to spend too much time so this only spent about 20 minutes or so playing around and taking the picture. But in the picture if you notice Ole’s right rear tire is waaaay too close to the fender – it was due to the left rear spring center pin shearing. He got it down the hill and we all stood around chatting, assisting, and lending tools. I took the opportunity to air my tires down from 35 psi to 20 to assist in traction on the snow.

From the play hill the order switched a bit, which it did continuously through the day with the exception that Don was in the rear all day until the creek crossings coming out. When we got to the first big hill – Kyle’s hill, lake overflow hill, cabin hill – whatever you want to call it, it lived up to its reputation. It was covered in 3-6 inches of ice topped by 6” or more of snow. Mike tried it but couldn’t quite make it up the worst of the ice – which also is where the trail is the steepest and turns right at 90* angle. He backed off the trail 2/3 the way up the hill and Ole followed. Ole, who had chains on, made it up without a problem. Marek went up with some ease until he reached the top ice curve, with tire spinning and gravity he basically did a U turn and came straight back down the hill. He tried a few more times and then Ole pulled him up. Next was Will and he got to the ice turn and got an Ole Assist (this would become somewhat of the norm) Next I drove up, without chains and without problems until about 20 feet from making it through the turn. Stopped and got an assist. Marek asked if I wanted to try it again, but with as many people needing to come up it still I decided I wouldn’t polish the ice any more than necessary. Dusty made it up to the ice curve as well but his front locker wasn’t working. He tried a second time and got a bit sideways, yet with some skill and throttle application he got pointed the right direction and Ole gave a quick tug with 60’ of tow straps. Meanwhile Marek assisted by gravity and ice gave himself a somewhat painful snow wedgie… Next Ryan with boggers and rear chains and horsepower blasted up the hill in style without an assist, front tires bouncing off the ground occasionally – I think Marek got it on video. It was fun to watch!

After seeing that I left the spectators viewpoint to go put tire chains on my back tires. Ryan assisted me and with a minor chain repair, got them on about the time everyone else got up the hill. Next we headed up the twisty winding way to the lookout points. This is where a lot of stucks of the more stock-ish vehicles happened. Some happened due to the deepening snow levels with elevation increase. Some happened due to ruts in washed out sections of the trail, and some happened due to tire chain failure. The better built trucks helped out with straps and assists. Ole used his to break trail, Ryan pulled several vehicles up the trail, others waited patiently and we all enjoyed the day.

Marek and Will both broke tire chains and what was an easy-ish trail ride for them to that point became quickly obvious that the chains were the reason for forward momentum. They pulled off the trail, let others go by, then attempted to make more progress but realized it was somewhat futile and headed out. Shortly after, while Ryan was pulling Randy up a hill his chains threw a rock that spider webbed Randy’s Right upper windshield. At this point Randy and the girls hitched a ride with Don the rest of the way up. Ole continued breaking trail, Ryan continued towing people through some deep spots, and 6 of 9 rigs made the top overlook. The view alone is well worth the trip! The temp was above 0 AND the wind wasn’t blowing!

The trip back down the hill is usually an uneventful and quick trip out. But along the way this time some problems surfaced. We stopped at Randy’s rig to wait for others to catch up and make sure Randy’s jeep got turned around when I noticed Ole’s truck blowing steam out the front. “Ole, are you overheating?” “No, it’s good.” “Are you sure?” Then he looked, and took off to go shut down his truck. His fan shroud had come undone and fell on the fan, stopping the fan from turning and idling there it had overheated. He fixed it and then his battery was dead. I eased off the trail off camber, with a tree on my left and almost sliding into his truck-bed corner to pull beside him to give a jump start. Then after he went by I had a 3’ drop onto the trail needing to turn left while off camber – a quick little adrenaline rush later I was safely on the trail in the right direction with the tires downward. I don’t know how it looked but it sure felt tippy!

When we got to the ice flow hill, Ryan stopped briefly and his truck completely shut off. Dead. Click when he turned the key. Ole and I went to take a look and Ole noticed a spark at the wire when he tried to start it. Loose connection was caused by the battery clamp bolt coming loose, probably due to overheating, it had melted the lead so it wasn’t just a “tightening” fix. He decided his winch wasn’t needed at this point and disconnected it to connect his main power to that side and we were again rolling out.

Back at the play hill, Ole pulled over to undo a tire chain that had been beating his inner fender, only to see that the broken chain had ripped through the rear battery cable, which then grounded to the frame and melted his battery connector and melted through his battery box! Luckily there was no fire! So we undid the battery box, cable at both ends and the tire chain and again we were rolling out.

At the big creek crossing we were pushing up chunks of ice – large chunks of ice – truck stopping chunks of ice. Earlier we had driven mostly over the ice, breaking it up. With a days running water piling up chunks, returning was a bit more of a challenge. Dusty had to take a few attempts to get out of the creek, Ryan had to back up a few times, take a few different attempts to get out of the creek, as did Ole, who had to give e a tug to get up and over. Meanwhile with me getting stuck, Randy had driven into the creek, realized I was stuck and back up a bit, and then couldn’t go either forward or back. Don took the bypass around, Ole pulled my truck out, then took the bypass back to pull Randy back to the wrong side of the creek, then switched places, came out and took the bypass so that Randy could try the bypass and Ole could then pull him up out of the creek onto the bypass! Huge chunks of ice and water that came pouring out of his door! Did I mention it had gotten deeper?

On out from there it should have been no problem, but in the last creek crossing Randy lost a tire, off the bead, so after Ole pulled him out of the creek they had to change the tire, and as it was one that had a tire chain on it, without the additional traction Ole then had to also assist him up a few hills. Don’s truck started running rough but made it out on its own power. Mike’s transmission was losing power. I ended up losing a plastic bumper cover that had come loose, Ole grabbed it and returned it at the trail head.

Beautiful views, decent weather, good friends, fun wheeling, challenges met and overcome: All adds up to a great day.

I'll add pictures later.
Nice write up. There for a wile I wasn't sure we were ever going to make it out. Lots of issues on the way out. They quote of they day for sure "it's always something"
carnage tally if I can remember it all
broken center pin on rear axle
detached fan shroud which caused overheating and dead battery
broken chain link which tore up rear winch power
broken cable chains. not a good substitute for chains I think he broke all four cable chains
broken link on chains
locker issues
coolant leek
striped out battery connection
had engine issues at end of trip
broken trim at the front bumper
broken windshield (sorry buy the way)
lost the bead on a tire
minor tranny slipping issues
Ole broke the pins, fab shroud and such
Thanks for the write up kevin
😖Oops sorry Ole
thanks for the excellent write up Kevin, but the unlocked little Tj did make it up without a pull from Ole. I was very impressed with its first run being unlocked and all. Will also made it up without the strap.
Great trip. Had a good time with your club. Nice to do a new trail I have never done with such perfect winter conditions. It was well worth it to go to the top. The view was spectacular. Matched some of the best views I have seen on wheeling trips. I don't normally do winter trips but am getting better educated the more I go out. Things learned on this trip.....Pay attention to time, daylight, weather and tempuratures. Plan for mishaps that may delay getting off the trail. May have to look into a good set of chains. I was pretty impressed how they were working for people.
Kozmo Wrote:Oops sorry Ole

Edited it for you.
And turned all your pics upright.

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