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Jake's Run Part one, 7 November 2015
Banner Creek
Since Veteran's Day is Wednesday, we split Jake's annual memorial run into two weekends.

Weather: 25, snowing

Brian with Sierra and Eric Soto riding along
Eric and Val
Marc (Martor)
Mark (WolfPak)
Audrey (Aero) with her Pharmacy Tech friend...whose name I forgot.

Unusual run with 2 Marks and 2 Erics...what are the odds.

Met up in NP 0800, headed south by 0820.
Picked up Aero (trailering her rig) at the Knotty shop.
With all the snow, puttered down the road around 45 mph, but had no significant issues.

We were on the trail around 10. Turned right at the first gravel pit to hit the trail whose end has eluded me twice. More brush and fallen trees than last time. Had to clear a couple trees, but there were others we left as everyone fit under them.

On one of the first short climbs, WolfPack in the stocker got hung up. While Eric and Val worked on getting him out, Martor backed up to see if he could help...but instead, clipped one the down trees poking into the trail and ripped off just the tip of the rear passenger valve stem. We had to change the tire, which was harder than it should have been as it required sources a bunch of tools he didn't have.

The first big climb came with a tree across the trail forcing us to stop. After some quick axe work, I climbed all the way up, with a lot of work. Aero was next and got hung up, so I winched her through a short section. Martor came next, and got hung up in about the same spot. We used his winch, the cable of which was a giant birds nest.... After hooking up with line to the tree saver, he had to back down to unspool the whole line. WolfPack was next, chained in the front to aid some. He finally did work his way up. Eric came up last with his 34.5 Procomps (which need to be 37s Valerie) with not much issue, though Eric has not been one known for daintiness on the throttle.

At the fork (right to POGO mine road, left to ???) we went left, dropped down into the valley and then started the rolling hills. Climbs were tough due to the wet snow and a layer of ice on the ground from the early snow that melted. The first big climb I went up and waited. Aero was next and got hung up on several attempts. I went to get my Jeep, and while backing up, she magically appeared in my mirror, hauling +++....somehow she got the right bounce and made it. Everyone else came up after.

The next big climb was a different story. We came around a hard right and started up. The trail is off-camber to the driver's side and I slid into the trees and couldn't move. I pulled winch line and had to winch the entire climb. Aero and Martor tried the climb, but no one made it around the hard right. So we decided enough and turned around at 2pm-ish. I chained up and pulled Aero out of the corner she buried herself in, and we headed out.

One the way out we had the wrong order (due to no passing) and I was at the rear chained up. Eric made the worst of the climbs. WolfPack required a strap from Eric, but Eric had to use his winch in order to use the strap... Once up Martor gave it hell, but then winched himself. I came up chained, so no issues there. I told Aero to be on the throttle one under a cute spruce arching over the trail....and she did. I was sitting just at the top, trying to watch if she needed help. Earlier in the right-up I mentioned how she appeared in my mirror going fast; well, that was nothing compared to how fast she was going this time!! I was ready and took off to stay out of her way. From there on we wheeled out pretty easy.

Group shot in the gravel pit, then we decided to check out some of the play area. Eric and I were thinking about the big pit, but opted for one of the little ones to check out ice conditions. It was a very wise choice. Eric fell through the ice and I had to pull him out. Martor tried next, and ended up buried the same, and Eric pulled him out.

We were back at the trailhead a little after 4pm.

The trail's end eluded me now 3 times. Next time.....

Thanks to everyone coming out. It is always fun breaking in folks to winter wheeling.

2 mirrors (WolfPack and Aero)
valve stem (Martor)

Gallery open in Recurring Rides....Jake's Run.
I don't see the gallery.
It was at the bottom
reassigned its display order.
cannot get my fancy +++ new phone to upload to the gallery.
all my pics are presently on FB.

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