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03 Tj Build
Saturday I sold my tacoma and picked up a 2003 tj. Its already lifted, no idea what brand, but its new. Some crappy wore out 32x11.50 15 M/T. A new winch mounted on a ++++tybilt bumper.

Wednesday I picked up some Duratracs 33x12.50 15 , big improvement. I can move without 4wd now.

Thursday Night I mounted my CB , still waiting for my antenna bracket and cable. Should be here today. Also fixed alot of the past owners wiring.

Friday night plans are to get the antenna mounted and on board air installed.

FUTURE PLANS: Going to install a pair of lokka brand lockers (the guys who use to make aussie brand lockers) in the next week or so.
Replace the ++++tybilt bumper with something real.
SYE and Tom Woods long spline drive shaft.
Rear tire carrier and bumper from JCR
Rear axle upgrade, not sure if i will go 8.8, chrysler 8.25 or dana 44
A jeep, some would call that downgrade from a TACO hahaha, for some reason everyone thinks I dislike Jeeps. Congrats on a solid starting point and a good plan How about some pics!!!
many factors led to nachos passing, oh yeh it was a taco named nachos...was tired of the payment, parts of Toyotas are expensive and jeep parts are cheap and I have a lot of them. pics to follow
[Image: img_20151107_231710313.jpg]
But what about the MJ? and the YJ? and the XJ's?
all still around. jeeps are a sickness. I will do a write up on the dominator one I get the kit to install the t-case doubler.
A.E. I love my new Tom Woods drive shaft. Just installed it a couple weeks ago. What are you Going to do with that old
+++ttybilt bumper?

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So I pass this jeep on to my daughter for a Christmas/ graduation present. Hopefully she continues on with building it up.
Awesome, now she needs to start wheeling with the club
you need to tell her that. she doesn't want to beat it up

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