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Gilmore - Fairbanks Creek impromptu run
This was an impromptu run that was actually trail bossed by Dusty (Kodiak Bodge). Adrianna and I Decided to tag along to make it an official A/O run. There was a good group of others out there who were not associated with the club but they did have good trail etiquette. I drove my 2001 DP Rammit, Adrianna Drove her 4Runner, Dusty drove his Kodiak buggy Dodge. I wasnt certain I was up to wheeling today but when I woke up I figured I would as I felt much better rested from last week.

I am very terrible with names but another guy named Pete wheeled a borrowed wagoneer ( John W. ) on the old AGS I sold a while back, an old M37 dodge on Ags, a ranger hybrid/anteater buggy driven by Keith D. on 44" boggers. Adrianna was the runt of the group but did not have hardly any trouble. I am collecting pictures still so I may post them in the body of this write up as I get them. I will also create a gallery soon to.

We all started at the trail head where the pavement ended and headed up towards the mine. The trail was pretty easy for the fist section part of the trail as it seemed to be serviced. As we pushed forward the trail narrowed and the ground became much more "wavy" from the summer washouts and ruts likely dug by rigs that did not belong back there this summer. When we got about halfway to the haul road the washouts proved to be much more challenging and fun! I didnt have any terrible issues and neither did Adrianna. I think Dusty floated through the entire thing. Nobody really had any doubt in the kodiak's ability to navigate the washed out ruts. Most of the rigs that had rear lockers did not struggle too much. The M37 proved to be a slow but capable rig. It was really fun to watch the Wagoneer test out it's throttle range as it struggled due to not having any lockers. The Ags were helpful in moving forward but the ruts kept pulling the waggy sideways and made for a great show! The Waggy ended up almost tipping a few times but was able to get out of trouble with some heavy throttling and spotting. Near the end of the run Dusty had to winch Pete in the wagoneer as it got sideways and almost tipped Big Grin

there was a fun washout on a hill just before the last mile or two stretch that required me to use a little bump and throttle and I think everyone had to follow the same principle to get up. I was near the back of the pack and I think I caught Adrianna Launch her front end up about a foot trying to bounce out of a rut Smile Dusty decided to hit the washout again and ended up breaking an add a leaf. He guestimated that it was every two years he ended up with a broken leaf spring.

When we got to the haul road Dusty and I were in the lead and opened up the throttle and made for some what we consider "high speed fun" ( less than 45 mph probably) We sat for a bit for the others to catch up and Dusty took this time to tighten the U bolts on his axle due to the broken spring. there were no other issues with the broken add a leaf the rest of the trail. After wheeling up to the Fairbanks Creek trail head the wheeling was pretty simple with smaller ruts, you could say they were "Adrianna Sized". hehe. We ended up stopping for hot dogs and BS'ing at "poser rock" before heading back. It was pretty fast paced wheeling getting back until we reached the washed out ruts again. They didnt seem too bad coming back but The Wagoneer showed more of its need to use the throttle to make it through them. (this is where Pete got the waggy sideways again). I think the ruts were the best part of the trail as it really maxed out everyone's suspension, except Dusty's. I think he had about 10 more feet of down travel where my dodge maxed out.

It was a great run and nothing serious broke! the weather was absolutely perfect and the ground was frozen about 2 inches down in most places. I am glad I got my +++ out and wheeled today. Thanks for Trail Bossing Dusty!

Trail Carnage:
Dusty: broken add-a leaf
Wagoneer: Self clearing body work due to 45" Ags.
You do realize it was not an official AO run?
You kinda have to advertise and invite AO for it to be a AO run, glad you guys got out and had fun though.
It was not intended to be an AO run. Had a couple members on the run from AO. That's cool if you guys want to add it as an impromptu AO run. Just got in touch with a couple people to get out to enjoy the day. Great group and the trail was a different experience with the snow and ice. Had a great time. Thanks for showing up Petey. Your Dodge has come a long way.

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