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Repp Road Clean up October 3, 2015
Met at Peede and Brock

Eric Soto

1 bobcat
1 Gehl (big bobcat)

2 tow rigs (Brandon hauled out one with the Blazer, then started hauling junk to K&K)

Don, Mel, Brandon hauling junk to K&K

Marek supervising the equipment at the loading zone and running the skidsteer.

We hauled 10 cars or trucks
23,780 pounds according to K&K.

Took about 6 hours, but we really made time once the system was figured out. The first 90 minutes should have only been 30, but we learned and adapted.

Hauled 3 out from near the trail head. Left behind a burned out 4 door GMC that was just too heavy to drag.
Got one from the side of the trail.
Retrieved the remaining 6 from the clearing past the pipeline.

Snow actually helped us, as the junk had much more resistance on the gravel parts.

We did have to work around one musher training already with a snowmachine behind the dogs. Caught us on a corner and we had to wiggle over and do some trimming to get him around.

Overall good day.
Good group to work with, breaking down into teams and getting stuff done.
You guys did good. Wish I could've helped!

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