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Repp swamp run
After a long night of getting my truck ready. Met Petey at repp road unloaded his truck from the trailer. Sat around and talked about his new 44" shoes then hit the trail. Came to the trail head and quickly figured out it was going to be a swampy trip. Came to the first slough crossing stoped and took a look. Lots of water and six foot bank on the other side with a washout on one side. Looked like it had been some time since anyone had even attempted it. All four wheeler traffic has been using a bypass trail. I entered the hole first drove thru the water with no problems butt the bank on the other side proved to be challenging. Hit it several times lightly with no success. So a lot of the skinny pedal came into play. Ended on hitting it and backing up Multiple times before I finally crested the top. Pete atempted to follow my line but was too wide. Backed up and rode up on the left side, almost made it then got turned sideways in the ruts. Atempted to back up then buried his passenger side bedside in the bank. After talking it thru he decided to winch off the back of my truck. After Pete winched out we continued Down the trail. With both of us being fairly wide (Pete extra wide!) we spent a lot of time riding the bank on one side or the other. With all the water it was difficult to judge the holes. Small pucker factor when your driving along on the side of a bank and your low side falls into a hole! Had to back up a couple times in fear of turning turtle. Once we made it the pipeline we had a quick chat and moved on. Most of the second part of the trail was pretty easy. At the four way it became very mudy so as you can imagine we thru mud every where. Lots of fun! Drove the rest of the way out stopped at the bunker and headed or own way. Great run, pete truck did awesome. Still trying to figure out how he gets that tank thru some of those tight spots, butt he does
Pete: broken tail light and banged up bed side
Ryan: passenger mirror found a tree (again)
My mirrors are still attached!
My tail light is still functional. I duct taped it last night and it functions for now.
With my fat old lady being so wide, (let me clarify that is not amanda, the truck! ) i believe a dove tailed flat bed is in order. I would also like to shorten the wheel base.

Had fun. Lots of mud on the second half. Those 18.5 wide tires are like arm floaties!

I cant imagine how much easier a shorter and more narrow rig is to navigate in comparison to the dodge. Repp is definitely a trail that will shape and reshape your build plans!
Haha Peter :whistle:
opened a gallery in case you want to pop some pics on the site too.
I will in time. No Internet at the house

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