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Martor shakedown run on Cleary-Gilmore
23 August
Cleary-Gilmore trail, then on to Circle to Fairbanks loop out to lunch rock and back.

Ryan (Kozmo)
Brian and Amber
Mark Torres (Martor)

Mark acquired an 01 TJ with a 5.5 inch RE long arm lift and 37s.
[Image: cleary_gilmore_august23_2015_0007.jpg]

Cool, drizzling day.
Met up at the end of Gilmore trail just before noon and headed out.
Trail was wet, but mud was highly sticky rather than slick. Made for some fun poser shots. Mark shot right through the first wash at Baja 1000 speeds, so we didn't get a good look at his suspension movement.
[Image: kozmo_brian_airing_out.jpg]

Later, though we had a perfect line to stuff/dangle the important bits'n'pieces. His driver's side front brake line wove around the front of the shock and at near full droop became a limiting strap. I didn't notice this feature until he was coming down from "full droop" and something in front of the shock moved. At that point Kozmo and Mark pulled the shock and reset everything correctly. You can see the white area on the shock that was polished by the tire.
[Image: cleary_gilmore_august23_2015_0008.jpg]

We took every "hard" line all the way up to behind the Mine, then just cruised. Ft. Knox continues to invade the RS2477 trail, and now have a significant portion of what was once a muddy mess. We headed up to the SnowTraveler's loading ramp and I snapped a pic: we were in the clouds.
[Image: cleary_gilmore_august23_2015_0018.jpg]

Shot down Fairbanks Creek Road to the second entrance to the trail system.

Stopped at the waterfall for a look and Kozmo took up the challenge with little goading. I knew better, having nearly split my top and removed a window a few weeks back.

Kozmo headed up the first 3/4 of the chute pretty easy. Then the off-camber section that tipped me into the bank. He got in tight to the bank and had trouble maneuvering due to a large, sharp rock protruding from the wall. We got him mostly around that (except for the rear quarter panel and light) and then he was hung downstream of The Rock. With no front locker, he couldn't get over. The passenger tire was hanging and the driver's tire was pinned against The Rock.
[Image: kozmo_on_rock.jpg]

I drove around to the top of Waterfall, pulled down into the creek, then backed up as far as I could. Then we winched the front end over the rock. He drove the rear over (locker). Then we had to get out of the Waterfall. It was pretty tight and I ended up doing a 20-point turn and using some RPMs to get out. Kozmo had to use even more RPMs as I left him a cute little hole to get out of...again, with no front locker. (see the theme? Kozmo's wife may come to hunt me down more than Valerie!).
[Image: kozmo_brian_winching_kozmo.jpg]

Once out of the Waterfall, on to the 4way and lunch rock. It was socked in and blowing on top, so we moved on. Looked around for the connector between lunch rock and the Twin Buttes, but still didn't see it. The bombed back out. Had to slow in traffic: one-tone dually with a trailer (hunter to be) heading out, then a fancy suburban with a trailer (too low to be in there dragging on the bigger dips). Once out we jammed back to the SnowTraveler's loading area. Martor headed out the road to go spend more money.

Kozmo and I flew back out the Cleary-Gilmore trail.
Kozmo loaded up and we both headed for home.

Good Run.

Kozmo: bed side and tail light
Martor: nearly pulled off a brake line, needs serious bump stops as the 37s rub all over the place, need to relocate the swaybar disconnects.
Brian: nothing for sure.

Great day for a run.
Ryan has been pondering a locker. I suggest adding hydro assist .to the mix. Sound like a fun run. Ill need a shake down run sometime soon too.
Added pics to the write up.

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