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Recovery Strap Length
So how long do you like your strap to be 20', 30' or even longer?
Well, a longer strap can always be doubled, right?
I just used a 30' this weekend, but realized that if I used the full length, the angle would be wrong. So we doubled it. Better too long than too short, yes?
I carry four straps. Two 20', One 30', and One extra wide 4' for a tree saver.
I echo Ole's comment. I have a long one and tree saver for ultrashort use.
And sometimes you need a winch strap rather than a recovery strap.
So I guess one needs to carry:
tree strap
20, 30 foot recovery straps
20, 30 foot winch straps

A small one and a 20 or 30 dirt pig great investment from napa

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a short tree saver and at least a 2o' are great as well as extra clevis if you need more length for a straight pull or doubling straps
I have a 10' and 30' kentic rope along with a few other 30' straps all high rated capactiy and extra clevis.

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