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Posting Pictures
If you have trouble uploading to the gallery let me know. If you are uploading from a phone many of the pics may end up rotated in a different direction. Unfortunately right now there is nothing I can do about this. It has to do with how the phone takes the picture. The website doesn't automatically detect upside down pictures and rotate them. I'm going through Kozmo's pics and rotating them. Someone go into that gallery and see if they straighten out. The thumbnails aren't for but I may have to log out and clear cookies to see the corrected ones.

For directions on posting pictures into the forums see here: How to Post a Picture
I recommend using this method. If you post from your computer directly into the thread it doesn't go into the appropriate gallery. Remember these pics serve as a history of AO and let others see what we do when they are checking out the forum.
Kozmo is a bubble off anyway...his pics are nearly always tilted.
Bet it is a setting on his phone.
Hey! Only half a bubble off get it right!
Haha. I still gotta finish rotating them all. Still not sure why the thumbnail won't rotate.

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