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Project Meet & Greet
So I picked up this free little gem last night. I was tired of sleeping on the ground or in the bed if my tow rig. The goal is to have something to use as base camp for offroading adventures next season.

Step one: get it off the truck and in the shop for tear down and see what I am working with. Yes there are about 30-40 .45 Caliber holes along the side. Someone can hit the broad side of a camper!


Sleeping arrangements
Cooking and cleaning
Sound system

Should be fun project using all my skills, making this into a sweet portable pad.

.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1435338279116.jpg (Size: 210.56 KB / Downloads: 4)

.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1435338333276.jpg (Size: 151.58 KB / Downloads: 4)

.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1435338370256.jpg (Size: 213.19 KB / Downloads: 3)

.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1435338419415.jpg (Size: 229.56 KB / Downloads: 4)
I have one just like it with blue stripes
What make is it? All the data plates are missing from mine.
So I am looking to off load this camper from my truck tonight, if anyone is available around 1900-2000 (7-8:00 PM) tonight to give me a hand I would appreciate it.
I'll try to swing by. Gotta go drop a tree after work but that won't take long.
I will be there
Update, if you seen the pictures on FB, Don and Mel stopped by to offload the camper. Thanks for the help guys.

Couple days ago I did some scrounging and found the material to duplicate the missing lifting pads for the jacks, also made a lower lifting point so I can set it on the ground (or on dollies to move it into the garage).

Today I pushed it into my garage and proceeded to remove a billion 1/4 drive screws and enough staples to match the national dept! After the outer skin was removed located a nest of flying ants? Or something chewing on the wood structure.

Something dropped on the roof and broke the roof structure. After moving to the inside to remove appliances, cabinetry and trash I found significant wood rot.

I have learned a lot about the structure to go ahead and build from the ground up and make this the fit my truck (all three of them). Here are some pics from today.

[Image: a6b6913b5822bd523feebffb3efdc4bb.jpg][Image: fe625221278a2427a2a35363f2e9592d.jpg][Image: c72063f1dbf96209d6d216b40367caba.jpg][Image: 04f5e25d012056c807f683d26d36aa6e.jpg][Image: 6eca3f6d69a9d616b8ac307fa9433eaf.jpg][Image: 81165c59086b6f540ab9da1c4ea7b8ec.jpg][Image: 9b2a200ead46197847864a02a7527d03.jpg][Image: b550e5599626cf60618a10dcb52b6fc7.jpg][Image: 1dcd6a06bc844464b23b877b4cf27d48.jpg][Image: 33fbfba2d9f288cf4999af69c187f06d.jpg][Image: 451b74498fad4d4dcc112914bd884c25.jpg][Image: 71ece3b16a5587baa352562e8afc5eb5.jpg][Image: 6a7f292b6279ef6d4ff6eacf5567cd41.jpg][Image: be7c6b6fafa874af4268722a42c6cf34.jpg]

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Wow, you could've just about built your own at this point..... Smile
AKMark Wrote:Wow, you could've just about built your own at this point..... Smile

Thats the plan now after I found all the rot.

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