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FJ40 Work party 27/28 June
Date and Time: June 27th and 28th starting at 10
I am nearing the end of the line on the FriJid40. My time is running out if I want to get it in the show in July and represent Arctic Offroad. If I can get some wiring gurus to show up we can have it running and driving that weekend, yes it's that close to moving under its own power again.

Electrical issues (things I cannot figure out)
*Starting and charging. I am looking for a more modern alternator with internal voltage regulator... I can source this prior.
*passenger side turn signals do not work. I have replaced the switch with a new one already, still in open.

*rear drive shaft, I am sure between what Don and I have we can finagle something reliable.
*custom air box mount. Old air cleaner assembly will work, just need to mount it differently due to new power steering pump setup being in the way.
*bleed and test brakes

Cosmetic *needed, **not needed:
*Rear tailgate limiting and locking system
*passenger side 1/4 rear panel and fuel tank filler welded in.

**finish rear bumper

I have everything on hand to do all of this besides the new alt and drive shaft bits but those are easy.

I will provide food and refreshments. Bring the kids if you want, bring atvs if you want... Just don't miss the FJ40 rolling on its own for the first time. In 2 years. [Image: 7ad9bd2052e8733a5d8afab35e7c1e27.jpg]

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The CS-130 alternator will be here Thursday. I will get it bolted in this weekend which will leave the wining . Also will measure the rear drive shaft length and see what all of us Yota guys have laying around that will work. Then it's onto the pass side rear quarter and fuel filter neck getting burned in.

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Have the alternative with the pulley swapped, plug for it has shipped. Soon, anyone plan on stopping by?

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I'm gonna try but I have a lot that I have to get done and I'm behind schedule.
As of now we will be able to come out Saturday to give you a hand
Will see. Run from the Cops os Sat a.m.
Gotta get mine ready for the 4th. So that is the main 2 factors!
Maybe the kids want to run 4wheelers.
I should be able to make it out.
Woo-hoo, I have some wiring that needs done. Should be easier with the internally regulated CS-130. Let's start this Pig Saturday......


Starter, alternator wiring
Heater install
Drive shaft install
Hook up fuel line
Fab up bracket for air box
Fluid checks, and brake bleeding
Check other safety things and take her for a spin or three

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I will be in the garage starting at 10am. Hope to see some of you there.
Yep, we will be there, I just can't promiss on time
I had planned on coming up because of the rain but I'm stuck at home for a few hours now. I'll see what time I get finished here then may head up.
Don, Linda, John and Marco showed up for the entire day. Mark Torres, Jim Jones rolled up in his red FJ40 on 37s and Brian showed up for a bit as well. The day had productive moments and some setback moments. Have to order custom rear drive shaft and make a custom front one myself. We started the beast and it sounds gnarly without exhaust off the header. Exhaust is on the agenda as well.

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