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dana 35
has anyone ever seen a dana 35 with 2 wires going in to the top of the housing through a rubber plug?
No, but the only thing I would think is a speed señor and tone ring like some Dana 60 or someone installed a e-locker.
I have 2 switches on the dash one seems to be hooked up.i was thinking elocker... the previous owner had no clue what they were for or what the wires in the diff were for. I am on my way out to the garage to pull the diff cover and chase wires.
oh its a 1995 so no abs, and the wire is duplexed with a jacket around it
I'd say locker. 1995 wouldn't have had a tone ring. Have someone work the switches and go back and listen for any kind of engagement. Or jack both wheels up rotate them and engage the switches.
found it to be a auburn ected locker and 4.56 gears

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