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Project OJ
Yes ladies and gentlemen, OJ is in the house!!!!! '91 Ford Bronco - 5.0 V-8, Auto, Power windows/Door Locks, Push button 4x4 w/ manual locking hubs. Just needs a tune up, a right front brake hose, a new starter solenoid or possibly a starter, and a new back window, and its gtg. However I am going to do a few more things to it, but hoping to have it ready to hit the trails in a month or so. Oh, and a HUGE THANKS to Brandon, aka AKCOWBOY76 for bringing his trailer on short notice to help me get OJ home. Thanks again AKCOWBOY76 for the help, I couldn't have got it home without you. Figured it was easy enough to copy and past my original post from the 4x4 forum to begin my build thread. Updates below:

Began the tear down process this past Saturday 18April2015. Got the electrical issues straight, replaced the battery cables, removed a bunch of extra excess wires. Went ahead and cleaned the inside out to just get the "old truck that belonged to someone else for many years funk" out of it. Found a new back window to buy for $68, just have to find the time to go get it. Started tearing into the motor and discovered that it has many leaks, which is to be expected, but something that I don't want to leave alone. So now I need to replace the oil pan gasket, water pump gasket on both sides of the plate, transfer case gasket, thermostat and thermostat gasket, transmission gasket, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, right front brake hose, shocks, and all the fluids. Then I've got to purchase the front and rear trailer hitch's, Heavy Duty Winch Cradle Kit for use on either front or rear of the truck, attach some tow points front and rear, and package up all my trail items i wanna have available to include the First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Tow Straps, Tools, Jump Box with compressor. Its an ever growing/changing list so more to come on that. Any suggestions will be gladly accepted. So I stopped Saturday night at about 11. Got to the point of removing the radiator after pulling the Air Intake, coolant hoses, drained the radiator. The new Solenoid is supposed to be here tomorrow along with the plug wires, fuel filter, and radiator flush. Ill probably get started again first thing Saturday morning. I'm hoping to have all of this done in time for the next club event/meet/trail ride on the 9th of May.
Sounds like your off to a good start for sure.
sounds like your Whipping old OJ into shape! good luck!
Finally made some progress. Got the radiator and everything else removed, then cleaned everything up, installed the new water pump, thermostat, and got everything put back together for the most part. My wrenching got cut short when the wife had a bridal shower to go to so I had to clean up and go inside to watch my baby boy. More time to research parts and options for adding things to OJ.

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