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Spring Cleaning Group Garage Sale
I am setting up for a garage sale at my house for May 29-31. I wanted to put it out there for everyone that has some stuff that they would like to put up for sale. This should give some time for the hidden treasures to show from the winter blanket that has been covering everything up. If you are interested please post up and we can make arrangements to get your items over to my place. I will be posting up ads and setting up signs to get the masses drawn in for the sale.

I have a few tables and my trailer to set items on.

I can make room for a few vehicles or large items.
Hey brandon, if you want to use my place for a 4x4 yard sale I have an excellent location by the highway! you would just have to yard all the stuff over. which is not very convincing idea .. Wink
Thanks Petey, I wanted to do it at my house so I can work on stuff around the house between customers.

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