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I call him OJ
Yes ladies and gentlemen, OJ is in the house!!!!! '91 Ford Bronco - 5.0 V-8, Auto, Power windows/Door Locks, Push button 4x4 w/ manual locking hubs. Just needs a tune up, a right front brake hose, a new starter solenoid or possibly a starter, and a new back window, and its gtg. However I am going to do a few more things to it, but hoping to have it ready to hit the trails in a month or so. Oh, and a HUGE THANKS to Brandon, aka AKCOWBOY76 for bringing his trailer on short notice to help me get OJ home. Thanks again AKCOWBOY76 for the help, I couldnt have got it home without you.
[IMG][Image: rTCFqVvl.jpg][/IMG][IMG][Image: 4KEomlol.jpg][/IMG][IMG][Image: ikArzIBl.jpg][/IMG][IMG][Image: DjngMvgl.jpg][/IMG][IMG][Image: 72gcWkXl.jpg][/IMG]
Got a few more to add on. Solid rig, I think your starter is good just need a new solenoid, battery cables, a good tune up and the club required gear and let's hit the trails. Congrats on the new rig.

I couldn't resist the last pic. It was good.
[Image: 07fd1afacbc0ee0213cfa46ef2ef4d9b.jpg]
.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1428992268805.jpg (Size: 213.19 KB / Downloads: 4)
.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1428992310266.jpg (Size: 114.82 KB / Downloads: 6)
not to shabby looks like it's running a 4" lift maybe old rancho or trail master. will be nice to see it come back to life.
Great start
glad to see you have something that won't trash that pretty Raptor in the background!
Hah, thanks guys. Already working on the list of parts/upgrades. Going to work on the tune-up first and then get all the required trail gear. Ill post up a build list, and if anyone has any recommendations, please throw them out there, Im all ears.
Recommendation: make it run and drive it.
Some tires and it will wheel most places with help
Winch will go a long front tow keep you moving forward!
I looked around my yard and I don't have a 33" spare for you. I will keep looking around and see what I can come up with. Yes a winch would me nice, but I would start with tow points and a good strap until you can source a winch and mount. let me know if you need any help with the tune up, when you are ready I hope to have my rig ready and we can do a shakedown run here locally.
I may have a spare you can have.
If Ole doesn't have one I probably have a tire but no rim.
i have a tire and rim if you Ole or Mel dont find one
The project name is funny Smile

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