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Swing out tire carrier
Ok I am doing some research on a DIY tire carrier, between EMS and A to Z all I am seeing is a single point pivot swing are and they all state they are good for up to 33" tire setup. I will be running 35"+ wheel & tire setup. Anyone out there know of a two point swing arm setup or have any ideas for one?

I'm thinking if I pick up the EMS kit and make a upper pivot point and mounts it to the body (kinda like the factory setup) using a leaf spring bushing for noise reduction and flex would work.

Your thought?
Mine uses upper and lower heims.
I saw plans almost ten years ago that used a D44/10-bolt chevy spindle mounted to the rear bumper. Used the regular hub, welded to steel beam that holds the tire. Plenty strong for what you'd use it for.

Cool feature, using the manual locking hub to lock it into any position desired.

I have a few of those laying around, may have to make one.
Found it
I like this idea, but still want the upper pivot point for peace of mind. I will have to dig around the pile and see what parts I can live without until I swap the 86 over to 8 lug axles, I kinda want the spares for know.
Problem with upper pivot is mounting. Not much to hook to on a K-5 that's got any strength to it.
90% will be supported by the lower point 10% would be supported by the body of the truck. Just to keep the carrier from rotating down when open or bouncing down the trail.
Two points would definitely be better than one. With that said, many of folks have rolled down the trail with one spindle welded ino the bumper and the tire carrier attached to that with 35"+ tires. How and where you mount the tire on said tire mount can play a big roll in this. We built Nate's and he ran a 35" tire without issue. We mounted his tire as low as we could on the mount and as tight to it as possible. This reduced the leverage ont he tire carrier.

But if you can figure out a good way to do two mounts I would.
i would consider keeping mounts off the body. those chevy's the older they get flex and twist alot. i have had a few that you couldn't open doors or lower tail gate if they weren't close to level. so a mount on body will fail in time in my opinion .

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