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May clean up and meeting
May 9th, we will meet up along the steese Hwy just before the right onto Ft Wainwright at 9am. Bring your mud boots and trash pickers, we will supply the bags. Lunch and brief meeting will be determined during the clean up. After our Pizza lunch and meeting we will head out for a easy trail ride.
If my blazer is not up and running, I will run RED. I need to hit some trails. Going through withdrawals in a bad way.
Even though I no longer live just on the other side of the fence Patty and I will be there, maybe a kid or two in tow. Will be driving the Spider Pig and ready for a trail run.
I have one unopened box of bags.
I can do sams club trash bags if needed
We have the specific Yellow bags for Clean up. We leave them on the side of the road and they get picked up and put in the landfill for free. Thanks for offering though.
Eric and I plan on being there. Looking forward to a run!
I am planning on being there as well.
If you go to Alaska Land they will have the free heavy yellow cleanup bags.
We have boxes of the bags.
I found some bags this weekend and are in my blazer. Now would be a good time to pick up grabbers from the hardware stores before they run out.
I think the unopened box of bags I have are from at least 3 years ago if not more. I just keep them so we don't have to worry about picking more up each year.

Yeah grabber for sure. Neighbor kids got mine and broke it.
I have two and I think the wife will be working that morning and will not be able to make it. on that note I will have an open seat and extra grabber for that day.
We are all signed up, we will meet up at 8:00 on the north bound side of the stease HWY right before the Ft Wainwright Gate. Be prepaired to clean both sides but if the other group shows up as usual we will just do our normal side. Good things to have available for the morning is muck boots just in case it's muddy, rain coat depending on the weather, a garbage grabber or rubber gloves.

afterwords we will meet up for pizza and go on the trail ride
I'm gonna be out of town for this one.
Gavin and I should be there.
I'll see you guys and gals at 8:00
I am sick and getting worse everyday.

As much as I want to do this, I may stay away to keep this crud away from all of you.
Eric with the Unimog is coming for the run...plans to meet at the meeting...not for cleanup.

I will have my girls, so we will be there but clean on the shoulder.
Now the question is: wheel the TJ or the 2wd prerunner?
Dr Brian Wrote:Now the question is: wheel the TJ or the 2wd prerunner?

Who needs 4WD? It's only Fairbanks Creek!
I've been sick all week, was thinking I'd be 100% by now, have gotten nothing done all week, will play it by ear, can't get too far from plumbing......
Trailer is hooked up and jeep isn't buried so who knows. This is one of my favorite runs of the year, mud and snow
Plenty of trees. It'll all mix in with the mud.
Not looking like I'll be making this one either. The wife and I both started getting sick on Wednesday and have just gotten worse since. Was hoping I could fight it off by tomorrow but I wasn't so lucky. I'll see how I feel in the morning but chances are slim I'll be making it. Sorry everyone, I was really looking forward to meeting everyone and possibly hitting the first trail with OJ. I still have to finish up the brakes on OJ and get the tow mounts installed.
Open seat if anyone wants. Looking forward for this run. See y'all in the morning.
gallery up in Recurring Rides....Cleanup Day 2015

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