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Need a hand with my k30 wtih a 6.2
Hey guys I have a k30 with a 6.2 diesel. I have been having starter issues. The previous owner thought it would be a good idea to not use the starter brace and a few months back the block started cracking. Right now the starter grinds or sometimes will not reengage at all. The shop i got it dragged to told me I need to replace the block. Is there anyone here skilled enough to re-weld cast iron and help me shim this thing? I really like the mileage of the diesel even though it leaks oil out of every seal. I would hate to have to replace an engine because of something as ridiculous as this. Currently the starter is using different size bolts than factory as it has been modified over the years. I will buy you beer/food/give parts.
I don't know anyone that has high nickle rods for welding cast.
I don't even know if it needs to be welded. It does like to eat starters though. I might just need someone who is better than me at shimming a starter.
if you have to tear down to reseal i'd try Grear Tank and welding. just make sure you block off openings well and have welding done before re-seal. to weld cast iron it has to be pre-heated 1st then welded and slowly cooled. would end up cheaper than new engine. but still going to cost you some cash and time.
shimming is easy , if it growls add shims little at a time. chevy made it easy don't have to remove starter just loosen closest bolt to motor remove outer bolt add shim and repeat as nessary till growling goes away. you can get shim kits cheap.
some how i missed starter not wanting to work that's a bad solenoid or wiring connection or relay
Decided to remove and replace engine. Pulling the diesel this weekend.
What are ya putting i. It?
ak_petey Wrote:What are ya putting i. It?

Friday night and saturday all day. Interested in selling your big block Petey?

6.2 will be for sale soon if anyone wants it....
Depends on what you are willing to pay for it.
gimme a call 9075903077 If you are serious.
I will take the boat anchor if you cannot sell it. (Can always use the parts for the two 6.2's I currently have)
I am done with this engine. Mark if you help me pull it you can have it. That goes for anyone who wants to help. I live in north pole and I want my truck running again. I may need some parts off it but the rest is fair game. I have a cherry picker and it is sitting in my garage. Also if you want to siphon a diesel tank you can have the fuel as well. I have other diesel related items as well. PM me if interested.
I will give you a call later

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