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New to me wheeling Rig
So I got a new wheeling rig - or new to me.
This rig is familiar with the club - many have been with it on trails.

So who can guess what it is?
(If you already know - be quiet!)

Here's a few pics:

[Image: img_20150320_120338089_1.jpg]

[Image: img_20150320_120437248_1.jpg]

More descriptive pics to follow...

PM me your guesses!
Does it have bedsides that flap like a duck? HaHa
Kozmo Wrote:Does it have bedsides that flap like a duck? HaHa

not currently, but with a little work...
it came well supplied:

[Image: img_20150320_120529217_1.jpg]
Did need a new belt, tensioner, and idle pulley.

[Image: img_20150320_120317317_1.jpg]

And an oil and filter change... very dark sludge almost tar consistency, Yikes!!!
The previous have been a bit obscure, here's a few more telling pics

Full size spare

[Image: img_20150324_184938509_1.jpg]
custom grill work

[Image: img_20150324_184920686_1.jpg]
I know but I wont tell.

I bet it has a custom welded exhaust as well.
I don't think there is anyone left in the club that knows that truck by the pictures but diesnt have access to the officer only thread where I posted up the discussion on it for you.
I knew before that though. A couple people still. One was down there this weekend though.
would this be a truck i have had on a frame rack? And the famous irok from interco's website?
It may have even drove around with out an axle shaft for quite some time.

[Image: 100_4554.jpg]
[Image: 198130_1844917398797_7970745_n.jpg]
AKMark should have known...

A.E. was the first to actually guess it correctly.
In the tow hook picture there was a shot of the Irok tread,
as far as I remember this rig was the only Irok shod of the club...

I figured the grill and broken bead spare would be the giveaways.
[Image: 10320_1048576470625_1712123172_96061_5419695_n.jpg]

[Image: 10320_1048578670680_1712123172_96068_1204408_n.jpg]

[Image: truck.jpg]

[Image: flex.jpg]

[Image: p6200122.jpg]
Saw it at your house a couple of weeks ago.
I haven't been on much. As soon as I saw the tire that was the only one I could think of.

I drove it once. It wasn't bad.
Plans are now to:
- upgrade steering components
- replace tail lights
- try to get rid of gear oil smell from interior of vehicle
- possible winch mount

Me to wheel.
Kodi to drive in mud boggs!

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