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Not new to AK but new to the page
Been in AK since 09. Live in North pole and I know a few guys and gals on here. Mark, Kevin, Adriana yea I'm talking to you.

Race in both Delta and North Pole bogs and am currently building a trail truck (k5) I recently bought into a local business and will be looking at running specials for the club.

Those of you that know what the business is please keep it to your self until I can work with the admin on vendor status as I don't want to step on any toes.

Looking forward to meeting you guys and gals at a meeting.
Soooo, what's your name?
Yuup knew I forgot something.

Double post
Well then welcome. We have have a meeting coming up, it's going to be a BBQ pot luck at a members house. Hope to see you around.
Good to see you here. Come on out to a meeting. Glad to see some mud guys getting into trail riding.
I have a feeling this is going to be a good year to do some Wheelin'
Lets hope so!!! I need to get some ATV time in as well
Me too

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