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Forum App
For those that don't know you can use Tapatalk to view our forum. I know some don't like the mobile browsing on our site. I use it and it works fine. Free app for Apple and android users. Forums only not gallery and other features. It can be used for many other forums as well.

Tapatalk App
I haven't been bothered with the app as it is something extra....
does it do something special or is it make the forum more facebookish?
Nothing too special. I get notification in when someone posts on a thread I've posted on., sometimes. Some just haven't liked the site when browsing mobile so wanted to let people know. It doesn't matter what ya use really. I think it's easier plus have multiple forum accounts tied to it so they are all in one place.
As a heads up with the app. There are adds on it. I've seen chevy, dating and something else. This is the app not AO doing the advertising. We have no way to control that. Best yiu can do is leave a bad review of the app for having ads.
I never used it, Chris does and I believe he has more then one forum on it. All I did was select "new post" under Forum and saved the link to my desk top, it doesn't notified me I just check it now and then and it only shows the new post since I was last on.
I paid for the Tapatalk app. Have several forums on it with zero ads. .

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I guess that's how you get rid of the ads. I have the free one and use it for different forums as well. Browsing them seems easier. At least the ads don't pop up and you have to actually select them to view them.
I just downloaded it. If it crashes my delicate phone, I blame you all... jk
Hopefully it will give me a beep when there are comments on upcoming rides I've commented on.
on my IPhone it would notify me if I had it set to do so. I would get the Chevy advert every time I would jump on it. I mainly use it to upload pictures to threads, other than that I am with Don checking it at work or on my browser on my phone.

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