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Finally Posting Up
Finally getting on here to post up. New guy to the site, and the area. My family and I got up here in July of last year. Im an E-7 in the Air Force, working at Eielson AFB. I was refereed to the site by Brandon Wilson, Akcowboy76, hes a coworker of mine. Im looking to meet some cool people who love the outdoors, love going out on trails and exploring all that this amazing state has to offer. BTW, my name is Michael. Glad to be here and I look foreword to meeting everyone and hitting some trails.
spring wheeling season rapidly approaching.
keep an eye on the forum here and on Arcticoffroad on Facebook

Please look around and look for upcoming events/rides/meetings. Hope to see you around.
You wheeling the Raptor?
If so, you will need to be sure you check before hitting trails...many are not suited to a shiny Raptor....
Yeah, I just want to get out on some trails and explore Alaska. Nothing crazy, as I didnt spend all the $$ on it to tear it up or destroy the paint. Hopefully there are some trails around that Id be able to go out with you guys on, if not, its cool. Im all for meeting new people and maybe one day ill be in the market to buy a full blown off road rig.
We have several trails in late April and May that would be good for you.

Come to our next meetimg 3/13 6pm at Wolverine equipment.
Concerned about paint? That will limit trails. .. It's only paint though.... Hehe.
I'm sure we can come up with some trails and events that vehicle friendly. Or we can help you find a rig that can take any trail and you don't have to wash it once a week.
could possibly hook you up with beater 4x4 and plenty of parts to keep you cheap and on the trail so you can keep that Raptor pretty. I've got a good collection of ford rangers , bronco 2's and explorers. you would just need to get 31''-33'' mud tires and a little elbow grease may be able to keep you well under $2500 including a winch possibly.
I would definitely be in the market for a bad +++ trail rig, and I am a mechanics son, not to mention my job in the military is aircraft maintenance so I have no issues doing the work or getting/being dirty. I would def be interested in something that would be greatly suited for the trails, as well as something i can use to plow some snow and haul wood in. Just a good all around trail/everyday beater. Id prefer at minimum something with a v-6 in it, or a good ol v-8.
everything I've got is v6 2.8,2.9 v6 and may be talked out of 1 of my 4.0 explorer v6's . I do have a extra extended cab ranger 4x4 that I will part with that the body is in good shape . also all but maybe 1-2 are manual transmissions.
Any chance you can send me pics and a description on what you have and the condition/what they may need?
i may be able to get some pics this weekend i've got like 24 of these things in yard. i haven't even gone through all of them yet. i got them from an death estate. i have several clean titles for 80% of them. are you wanting a truck? std cab or extended? bronco 2 ?
i'm home on weekends.
Get a Ranger and build it into a mini-Raptor ��
Just put real axles under it when you build it. TTB's are the Devil.
Ranger can ge made into mini rapter there is a company making front clip as well as bed sides. i have a line on another ford dana 44 and i have 9'' rear as well as 8.8 31 spline rear axle.[Image: mcneil_raptor.JPG]
Cute...but functionally that would fit in the Loins better than AO. One trip on Repp and it would be a buggy.
One trip down many of our trails would ruin the fiberglass
I was thinking something possibly along the lines of a full size Ford Bronco with a 302 4-wheel drive of course. I know its got some weight to it, but I think it may make a good trail rig. Any thoughts/opinions on this as I am new to this whole thing.
If you are a Ford guy then go for it, it's really up to how big you want to go. The larger the vehicle generally the larger the lift and tires you need to have to go the same places of smaller rigs. It's all a give and take and most importantly what you want in the end.
20 tears ago i wheeled a 1979 bronco with 6'' skyjacker soft ride and 36''x14.5 x 15'' superswamper radials. god i wish i never sold that truck. there has been several full size Bronco's for sale on craigs list. go for it
Start out by wheeling it and talk it up with us as to what you would like to build for. We will most likely have enough info to get ya started
Go for it. It'd be no real difference than a K5 size wise and capabilities.
Go Ford.
4" lift
Trim fenders

My brother had one on 38s and a 460 for a few years
We'll have to plan a Raptor friendly run sometime this summer. I've been wanting to actually have to engage the rear locker on my Raptor since I've had it. I just about have the stock tires worn out, so I'll be getting some more aggressive ones soon.

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