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Finally Posting Up
Banner wouldn't be a bad one at all. Just not the lower loop.
Bulldog Wrote:We'll have to plan a Raptor friendly run sometime this summer. I've been wanting to actually have to engage the rear locker on my Raptor since I've had it. I just about have the stock tires worn out, so I'll be getting some more aggressive ones soon.

Sounds GREAT to me
Found a few full size broncos in the North Pole/Fairbanks area for sale, one of which needs an engine, which im seriously considering so I can go ahead and build what I want and drop it in..... Should have an update soon. If I dont go with that one, there are a few others that actually run, Ill have to get more info on then and make a decision.
U live on base? Whatever u get ill be more than happy to help. Im at eielson. Pm me
No, I dont live on base. I live in North Pole but I do work on base. Glad to see another Air Force member interested in the club. I may be picking up a 91 Bronco tomorrow in Fairbanks, then let the project begin. Ill be doing alot of the work on it at my house, but Ill be taking it to the Hobby Shop as well to do the things I cant get done at home. The help would be greatly appreciated. The more the merrier. Ill post up on the forum before I start doing the work, Im open to people coming by the house and helping to if they want. Thanks again for the offer. Where do you work at btw?
At the dog kennels

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