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ram jet on a tbi motor
Anyone have any experience hooking up a ram jet intake? I have one that is supposed to go on a 454 tbi motor. I'll be running it in a stock rebuilt motor with an rv camshaft. . I have the ram jet intake and distributor. It seems pretty simple and straight forward. Just looking for some expert knowledge for any potential hang ups.

The ram jet was set up for a 502 bored waaaaaay over and has over sized injectors. I was told I would probably need smaller ones. Which is okay. I'm just looking for reliability.

For controlling the air,fuel and timing I have a Holley pro comp 950.

Anyway. Hit me up with your info. Thanks!
What brand?
Not sure what all your are trying to do or accomplish but here is a decent write up on an engine swap using a ramjet 502 onto a 454 vortec. Might have some good information in it.
Wow, that guy went through a lot and still couldn't get it working right. YIKES!

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