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AMMO Can Stove build
So I am thinking March 7 around noon to assemble the first one. Who would like to help out? Some grinding, welding, fabricating, and painting will be going on during this.

If you have ideas and maybe some supplies that we can put into this project post up here.
I have a mig welder and oxy acc. at my place. I dont like transporting my bottles though.
If someone had a wholesaw for the stovepipe hole that would work best, unless the stove pipe hole is going to be big.
I have all the tools at my house.

When to weather clears up and the roads I will run by the hardware store and pick up the parts needed.
Bump. Please post up if your available to stop by.

Location: Wilson fab shop (aka my house).
Spaced this completely, like so many other things. I'll be out in the woods.
If this is a go, I will help, just can't be all day
I have not heard of any interest except you, but I'm game.
This month is getting full quick with out of state visitors and snowfall.....

I wish I could help.
So this happened this past weekend. Don stopped by a little after 1200 then I showed up a little after 1230 to my house.

I had to run into town to pick up the parts for this build.

We got started prepping and cutting the AMMO Can to receive the door and the stove pipe.

we threw around some ideas and settled on a plan and got to iy.

After killing the battery on my Dewalt and smoking my Makita drill with the 4" hole saw we finally cut the hole for the stack and I trimmed down the 4" to 3" pipe adapter and hammered it into place. later during the first burn we saw no visible leaks at this connection.

Don cut out the door opening and we mocked the 16 gauge steel door and drilled the holes for the hardware for the hinges and latch. Later we came up with a air dampener on the door.

we threw around some ideas for foldable legs but I did not have the correct material to facilitate the leg design.

I could not find the proper expanded metal for the lower grate so Don did some scrounging in my scrape pile and found some old spring that fit perfectly in the bottom of the can.

Part of the build you have to remove the rubber gasket from the lid and I retained the spot welded panel which retains the rubber gasket, and used it the hold the 3/8" fire rope gasket which worked perfectly.

I don't burn wood, just wood pellets so we used an old Duralog that I have laying around and using an old hand saw we cut out some 1" slices and broke them into chunks for the first burn. Plus some scrap 3/4" plywood.

As I hope most of you have had a chance to see the video I posted on FB of the first burn, we melted down a cup of snow to see how it would work. No I did not drink out of the cup, mainly because the cup was a storage cup with dirty hardware in it and the fumes from the paint on the can.

I am very happy with how it turned out, Don and I came up with a few design changes for make it more cost effective and faster to build. So the next one (which I hope turns out better) will be used for the auction at M&G this summer.

After a 3-4 hr burn the fuel we used burned out and I let it cool down so I could inspect the inside and checked for issues that would effect it on the next use. I might setup a shelter and see how it works in that kind of situation.

Thanks again Don for the help and ideas. It was a great little project and I can't wait to build the next one. I will post up pictures later when I get them off my phone.

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