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Kasi's Hummer H3 Build 2/28
Hate to ask people to leave their busy lives to lend a hand when I'm always too locked down to help much but this one if for Kasi not me.

2006 H3
Remove knocking 3.5L I5
install 3.7L I5 (assuming it runs good, donor truck just got to town) will plan on having it pulled ahead of time.
Replace rear end.

I'm planning on starting @ 10am Sat Feb 28
Will provide pizza/soda/beer/water for as long as anyone wants to help or just come hang out.
everyone is welcome if you want to get your hands dirty or not, welcome just hang out and BS

Also there should be enough room for someone to bring their rig over if they need garage space to get something done on their rig.
Depending on the girls schedule for that day I can probably lend a hand for a while.
I will be out of town.
If I'm not working I'm game.
Go the donor motor out last night a little after midnight. H3 is mostly unburied, Will try to get the old motor ready to pull or out before sat, out is always easier than in. Hopefully at least have all the fluids drained. Also need to swap out the rear axle.
I wish I could help. The next two weekends are completely shot for me.
I wish I were putting a LS motor in it......
That would be sick and awesome.....
All set for tomorrow. Will get it a little farther along in between coats on dons parts. Will be about 16' of shop space behind it if someone needs to put their rig in for something.
[Image: 2ff8c20cc2255237f285a09eeeed7c03.jpg]

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