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toyota axle swap
So I'm about to start putting some Toyota axles under my Sami so I can run some bigger tires. I've been accumulating parts for about six months now and I think I'm ready to get started. One of my first hurdles is installing the locker in the rear axle. I've never done it and have no idea how to do it. So I'm wondering if anybody is willing to give me a hand with it?Beer is on me.
Sure, what are you going to do with the zuk axles? Installing lockers isn't to hard.
It you truss the stock axles and go to 5.13 gears you would be good to 33" or 35" if your nice to them.
I have no plan for the Sami axles. If you want them let me know. The rear has a locker in it. I thought about trussing them, but in reality I don't want to be out wheeling and have that nagging thought in the back of my head about being nice to the axles. I want to go hard if I need to, and I already bought everything for the swap. I'm gonna bring that axle inside here this weekend so it can warm up and then I'm gonna get started on it. Let me know a day that would be good for you and the type of beer you drink.
Going hunting this weekend. let me know what you want for the axles. I have the tools at my shop for set up.
Hunting trip put off till next weekend, I will be at my shop Saturday around 10:00.
ok sounds good. i'll i gotta drop the wife and kids off somewhere around then so i'll be there about 10:30 or 11
dang.... I need a sami rear with a locker in it. hint hint
I got one with 3.73 pulled out and ready to go.
Does anyone have and extra set of u bolts that will fit a 1987 Toyota rear axle that I can buy off them? Came off a 4runner.
Probably, I know I do, just where?
I might have solved my problem.
So anybody got a tried and true way of removing cone washers? They are kicking my butt.
Tried and true? No.. But I have used a hammer and flat top screw driver, try and clean them up with some brake clean before taking them off.
Cone washers: I use a big hammer and a soft punch (Brass) and hit the item the washers are sitting in, just to the side of the washers. This has a jarring and vibration effect and loosens the cone washers from the bottom up / surrounding material. It does usually take a while.
So I found a good way. I had to grind down a screwdriver to fit into the slot in the cone washers. Then I pounded the craps out of it. It forced the washer to expand and pop out. Once I figured that out it took about 5 min to do 8 cone washers.

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