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Mark's clean up
1/31 at Mark's.

Kevin arranged our first ever Face Book Event

Chris (RacerChris...helped for a bit when he picked up his AO swag)

Cleaned up the shop
I collected old Walkman's for some project my 2nd grader's class is doing....probably on historical artifacts.
1 big load to the dump.
Kevin did the rear pinion seal on Mark's truck....

Maybe there was some other stuff.

Ate all meat "man" pizza!
[Image: 34d00cc6beb8966c8b6874df5bf99adc.jpg][Image: 3989065766e2da70e7a984b27838f6ff.jpg][Image: c2233f43af8b32e0d39b092b96075a2c.jpg][Image: 4c44107b80e6822a48ba3695f1c01130.jpg][Image: e1f5a3ed5a46710e9ce544ee40fe4ea8.jpg]
So after we cleaned out the 2 truck loads of unwanted items Kevin Pete Mel and I worked on the rear pinion seal. Took us a bit to come up with something to break the nut loose and remove it.

Next was to get the yoke off and we had to make a tool. Worked like a champ! Event marked it as an AO tool!

Glad I had a chance to help an AO brother out. Thanks for everyone the had a chance to pop in even if it was for a shirt time.

Thanks Kevin for setting this up.
A HUGE thanks to all of you.

It was nice to clean a bunch of stuff up. Makes working in there much more pleasant.

Now to organize what's left.

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