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I am a former member that moved away from Alaska and is now back. I used to do a lot of rides back in the day. I don't currently have a rig but I am looking for one, preferably a jeep. If you know of a good deal out there, let me know.

theres 1 on 38'' tires on fbks craigslist for 5000.00
Welcome back Marcus
What's your preferred price range? Do you want a old project or a new driver that you have to make payments on? Family size or small? What are some of your other options that you would settle for besides a Jeep? I don't have nothing, but may be able to help find you a rig
Thanks everyone. The Cj for 5K is not what I am looking for. I need something that will be a reliable daily driver. As far as price... I am just looking for the best bang for my buck, a deal that is hard to pass up. Could be anywhere from 5K to 30K. I have done a jeep build from the ground up so I don't have any problems with that; however, I would probably prefer one that already has a lift.

Thanks gentleman.
There is everyone in this town that will take your money for their junk. Be patient and picky about your rig choice. Buy it once!
just look on craigslist there have been a few different rigs over the last couple of months search for jeep. there is also you may have to go alittle south to find a jeep closer to what your lookling for.
I have a lifted 07 FJ cruiser that Don is putting a motor in for me, let me know if you are interested. Clean title, 120kmi (56 on new motor) 3.5" lift, after market lights and bumper. Books at 17k will be selling for $13,500. I can usually find anything, let me know specifics on what you want and I'll keep an eye open on the insurance auctions if you want a builder and the dealer auction if you want turn key.
It's running 33" dura tracks and if I remember right it has a rear locker

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