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1979 k5 "BABY jeep Eater II"
Ok so my old engine bit the dust in my k5. The baby jeep Eater. Turns over the engine and a valve is slamming into a piston. So rather than pull the engine I bought another k5.

1979 K5 blazer, 400 SB with a 350 trans and a 241 transfer case and without tires. Currently I am in the process of swapping one tons into this k5. Pretty much I am gutting the 1989 and putting all the good parts on the 1979 k5. Very little rust on this one and the majority of the body panels are in good shape, it also came with a shackle flip installed and stainless steel brake lines. Still gotta remove my rear 14 bolt and install it in this one. Hookup and bleed brakes, hydro assist. Replace the steering box for crossover. Lastly I have to remove the stupid skull that the previous owner installed on the tailgate! I now have a Dana 44 front and 12 bolt rear that I am probably going to sell in the future.


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Pretty sure this blazer use to live next to me. That 400 always sounded strong. I think you have to have a skull or the punisher symbol on the blazer. It's a blazer thing. Just ask AK Petey
dont do it. it is a curse and will lead to bent frames.
Nice. Sounds like you got a plan are going good.
I have a spare frame sitting outside my house. 2 bullet proof bumpers and a weld in steering box brace. We shall see. Today I am cutting the ubolts on the 14ff and rolling it under the new truck. Remove the steering box and hope that there are no cracks in the frame. Weld the new brace in and mount the hydroassist box. Going to pull all the auxiliary coolers off of the old one and see where to mount those.
Removed the stupid charcoal canister from under the hood. Steering box reinforcement is being welded on. Got one side done just the bottom remains. Not pretty but should be strong enough. Just gotta bolt the 2wd box and brace up and run some extra coolers. Finish bolting up the rear axle. Bleed some brakes. Hook up drive train. Should be road worthy then.


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Your ride changed quickly
Well it was either buy a new engine or get a new truck. About the same price. The old truck had a lot of other issues too.

Steering box is mounted. Brakes connected. Driveline in. Nearly on the road again.
Alright aside from an exhaust leak caused by a broken muffler, truck should be road worthy. I am sure there are a few bugs I have to work out still. Now I just have to remove the front and rear bumpers from the old one, replace the windshield, install stereo, realign the steering wheel....
Just replaced my exhaust with a bunch of parts from napa. No more leaks and it sounds a whole lot better too. Took it for a test drive and it has no problems spinning all 4 tires! Brakes are soft , so probably going to have to re-bleed them. Next major step is to remove the bumpers from the 89 and put them on the 79. The skull is still on there, I may paint it. I really don't do chrome though.
You definatley have been busy! Hope to see it on the trail
Removed the old junker carb today and installed a Holley 670 truck avenger, eliminated a ton of vacuum leaks while doing so. Removed the starter and adjusted the shims. I have no idea why someone would use 1 and a half shims? Can anyone clue me in on this? Tightened down the steering box some more with some stronger grade 8 bolts and locking nuts. Bled the brakes some more. Hopefully getting rid of some of the vacuum leaks will improve stopping power.
Replaced the old starter it was grinding and not fully engaging. Used the one from the other k5 no more issues! Replaced the junk master cylinder and brake booster. Much safer now and idle is a little slower. Still needs to adjusted a bit though. Finally got the steering where I want it. Now I have to replace the header gaskets because I know they are leaking. Thinking about installing an aluminum intake manifold I have laying around and new distributor. Oil pan has a tiny hole in the bottom. But overall its coming along.
Sounds like you are getting stuff done
Get it ready!

Solstice run upcoming 12/20 or 21 depending on temps. Will be near town and usually ends up with a group shot at the Santa Claus house.

Looks like that will be the only upcoming run for awhile.
Yeah. But the more I fix the more I find messed up.

Brakes work, kinda hard to test them in the snow but they stop decently. Fixed the high idle problem, upon further examination of the holley manual the fast idle screw was turned up really high. It was a pain in the butt to adjust but now it idles much slower. Truck goes down the high way at 60 mph perfectly straight steering wheel isn't flopping around anymore, as an added bonus the wheel is straight also. Oh yeah my engine is lacking an oil dipstick, but apparently the PO had psychic powers and could read the oil level with his mind. For now I put another quart in just to be on the safe side.


I am going to leave the current intake manifold like it is. It has more than enough power for me right now. Next thing on the to do list is install a dipstick so I can read the oil level and repair or replace the oil pan. The donor truck has both in good working order. Then change and drain both the transmission fluid, engine oil, and transfer case. Replace the shifter boot with the one from the donor truck. Wire in the CD player and acquire some door speakers. Reinstall the window cranks. Clean the disaster of my garage.

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Dr Brian Wrote:Get it ready!

Solstice run upcoming 12/20 or 21 depending on temps. Will be near town and usually ends up with a group shot at the Santa Claus house.

Looks like that will be the only upcoming run for awhile.

I'll be there, it's ready now.
Well decided to swap intake manifolds. Pulled the stock one off and stuck an aluminum one on. New distributor. Header gaskets. Oil dipstick. Valve covers. Oil leaks are slowing down now. Headers were on finger tight. I wonder why they leaked? Wired up some speakers and installed a used stereo. Trans kickdown cable connected. Shifts are much smooter and controlled. Getting it tuned tomorrow.

Stuck a heater blanket on my battery. Put some more insulation in the cab. Gotta flush the heater core. Probably full of junk. Exhaust is still a bit too loud. So gonna extend the pipes a bit more and put more support for the system. Right now the headers are holding it up. Trucks coming around.
Ok so I hate chrome on bumpers. There is nothing more fun than slipping around while under the hood while steeping on them. Anyway I pulled the old bumper off and am taking the steps to mount my winch front center section "bumper". It was mounted on my other truck and I pulled it off yesterday. Smitty-built 12k winch is inside it currently.


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So winch center section bumper "Abomb" is mounted, leaf spring front mount is tied into the bumper so I have the option to run different length leafs. I have some rear leafs that I am going to try to mount in place of the existing springs. The current ones do not have the flex that I want so hopefully these ones will do the job. Rough country rears with 4 inches. If I have to modify them so be it.


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So I put rear 4 inch 52 inch lift springs in the front. Yuk, way too high. Looks ridiculous, like my truck missed leg day. Plus the front drive shaft will have to be lengthened. Sad I could remount the old springs back where they were or use the 4inch lift springs from the other truck. Problem is one is slightly bent and makes it have a gangsta lean. Decisions Decisions.
There are some 6" lift springs on Craigslist right now for $100.
I'm good, decided to put the old ones back in and finishing drilling the holes for the front bumper. 4 inches is perfect for me anyway. I was only looking for more flex, I put new poly bushings and greasable bolts. So all was not in vain. I guess I need to invest in some bigger tires to flex these springs.

After i get all that junk done I still have to take off the old tire carrier bumper and stick it on the current rig. I hate wasting space having my spare inside the back. I am also going to add on a gas can mount and a mount for the high-lift to that bumper. I ran out of gas the other day due to a non readable (gas gauge) which since has been fixed. One of the previous owners had a monstrous tank put on the k5 but did not hook up the electronics to see how much fuel was inside. Even worse was at least 20 gallons of fuel was inaccessible. I replaced it the next day after that incident. So now I will not run out of fuel again.
That would be my post. And there is also some extra parts to boot!
I got what you need!

The front 6" springs. 2 Rear 2 inch blocks.

And a rear shackle flip bracket. Some shocks can be tossed in too.

The only thing you will need is hardware. .. Nuts and bolts and washers. But I have most of the hardware.
300$ for everything
Are they tuff country springs, alcans or deavers? Those are the only brands that I will consider. I want flex. What length are the shackles?
They are the 7 inch shackles. Not sure what brand the springs are But they are stock length (47") and were supporting a 6.2 up above it

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