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1979 k5 "BABY jeep Eater II"
You should come over and check out the parts I have mentioned. You can pick the ones ya want
I don't need anything atm. Sorry man. I made what I had work. I am on a very tight budget right now.

Took it out for a test drive last night, did very well. Gotta rewire my plug ins. Next step is removal and replacement of the rear bumper. Get the winch wired and working properly, last time I used it the motor was turning in only one direction. Not sure if I should put the softop on. I really need a Mojave heater. Not sure if the vents are hooked up properly. Wire up the CB.
Pulled both bumpers. Dragged the other one inside. Letting it dry off, I did not want to remove this thing in minus 20. Little cold and wet out, but its done. Me and my buddy built this last year from scrap steel, tractor paint and a fabrication kit. He did the welding, I did the grinding. Here are some pics:


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Due to the endless supply of fireworks going off tonight I stayed up and worked on this.

Bumper is mounted, had to do a little grinding, a little drilling. It's securely mounted on the frame. It's mostly Alabama/Georgia/Florida clay not rust. Just gotta fix the leak in my spare and get that back up there. Figure out a hi lift and spare fuel mounts...


Probably going to repaint those shackles a brighter color so I can find them in the dark during a recovery.

To do:

Mount CB
Rebuilt/reinforce/install old rock-sliders.
Fix ducting under my dash so heater works more efficently
Replace Speedo/odometer with one that works on my transfer case.
Wire winch up, get it to spool in and out.
Build hilift and fuel can mounts.
Modify AC for on-board air.
Replace motor mounts.
Remount license plates.
Paint/remove skull....Smile

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I want a rear bumper like that. Would rather not have my spare inside the rig.
Yeah. Its not as heavy as it looks. It has no problem supporting a 100 lb spare.
Yeah I hate running out of room.
Nice, I need to make bumpers for both sides of my rig. I want to make some rocker protection too.....Oh the projects list never ends.
Yeah i hear you on the rockers. I need to build stronger rocksliders I broke the other ones. Sheared some grade 8 bolts with the current ones. Too cold for me to pull any parts off of the parts rig. Last time I tried plastic pieces started snapping. Got the heater vents hooked back up. Still gonna get a mojave for the rear. I want to be able to wear a t-shirt and shorts inside at -50. Ordered an overpriced hilift mount for the jack. With some of the scrap steel I have laying around should be able to build a mount for a gas can on the rear bumper. I hate having a lawn ornament in my driveway but ill just have to wait to warm up a bit before I can really gut it.
With a 6.2 Diesel pushing and a 32 gallon tank, I have little fear of running low. It sips the go juice. I need to do some fab work.....all over.
I have a old pipeline k30 with a 6.2, not much power but I dig the gas mileage. As long as I plug it in below zero it's as reliable as sin. Tows well also.
Well I pulled the old wiring and solenoid out of the junk truck and hooked up the solenoid to test it. Just like before it only engages in one direction. Cracked the case open of the solenoid box. No corrosion, looks perfect. Tried it again still nothing. It's a Smittybuilt 12k with a waterproof motor. I know i can use it for pulling in and to pull out just free spool it and remeber not to wind it tight...50 bucks for a new one on amazon... anyone wanna sell me one or trade for some Chevy parts?

Engine works wonderfully now at least. Trans shifts correctly, no revving to 4k before shifting at the north pole roundabout. I might just mount the hi-lift inside the truck, for now its just laying in the back bed area. The amazon mount that I ordered was too weak so I sent it back. Guess I will wire up the Cb for the upcoming ride.
Sick as a dog. New solenoid showed up. Gonna hook everything back up and waterproof it when I recover. I've been slacking.

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