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Rear Suspension
Getting close to re deploying. Since I have been doing a lot of web wheeling and the Sami needs a new rear end I was thinking of upgrading the suspension at the same time. Currently a semi 4 link sitting on 14" QAI 175LBS coil overs with Bilstein shocks and a currie anti-rock sway bar. The last couple of trails really wore me out from all the bouncing around inside the cab. I think it was Rainbow mtn that i just wedged my shoulder against the door and braced myself with arms on the steering wheel to prevent the back and forth motion. When we ran Ruby lake with Deric he was running trail gunner and could see me getting bounced side to side on every rock or bump. He told me my shocks were bottoming out and hitting the little rubber bump stop on them pretty hard. Upon further inspection I only have 1"-1" 1/2 or up travel in the shock. I pulled the shocks and I am pretty sure they are wore out as I can press that shock shaft in very easy and according to the part number they are the softest shock in this length. Now that the back story is done I have a couple options.

1. I install new rear axle with same 14" coils and reposition the shocks to get adequate up/down travel and get a stiffer rate shock. Also possibly install some fox/king air bump stops. I like this choice cause I know it works. This would be cheapest choice.

2. I go all out and order some ORI struts and ride trails like I am floating on a pillow, at least thats how everyone that has ran them describes it. Most expensive choice but ++++ who wouldn't want to trail ride like they were on a pillow. Built in bump stops limit stops and they control sway so no need to order anything extra. Bad: 1300LBS limit per shock (don't think I would ever exceed that, maybe if I ever wanted to haul a little trailer)getting them at the right ride height and getting them fine tuned price being the biggest downfall.

3. I thought about air shocks and king coil overs and I decided not to go that route due to the fact I would probably have to use up some of my rear cargo area to get them mounted high enough.

4. Guess I could go back to leaf springs maybe some chevy 63"

So whats everybody's opinion?
Choice one. Cheapest and probably easiest/quickest to get you on the trail.
You don't have a ton of up travel and droop is less than..?? say 12-14 inches, so I think coilovers or ORIs would be too expensive--but also THE way to go. Don't ORIs and coilovers take up the same room?
I would always do something with a spring.
Jason's TJ with the air shocks had issues when the nitrogen bled out...he would bottom out and be done with hard-core wheeling.

Unless you do something to improve travel, I would stick to your current set up, relocating the shocks for better travel, and with nitrogen bump stops to prevent shock damage.

If you are going to do more mods, then ORIs or coilovers.
Build off what you have now.

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