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November Meeting
Novembers Meeting will be at Motor League in Fairbanks at 3pm on Saturday the 15th

2609 Picket Pl, Fairbanks, AK 99709


*Jakes Run
*Members Christams Party Location
*Future Runs
Solstice Run
*Officer Nominations
Equipment Manager
*Embroidery Fee Vote
*Update on Wheel to Heal Letter -Brandon
*Update on Hutchinson Auto Club Build donation List for Alaska Make a Wish Foundation-Mel
*By Law Update / Vote
CB Radio recommendation
Membership requirement Extension

if you want to bring anything else up please post up or PM me

Still 11/15?
Yep, made correction
I also want to add for vote into new ByLaws:

No Smoking Marijuana on trail rides or AO sanctioned events

pulling request until after Alaska has published their regulations
For some reason I seen this coming. Not necessarily from you but figured someone would speak up.

As a reminder.

ARTICLE XII: By-Law Changes
Section 1.
By-Law change proposals must be submitted to an officer via PM, e-mail, or in a dedicated thread on the forum.
Section 2. The proposed changes will be posted in a dedicated thread in the Member’s Only section for review.
Section 3. By-Law changes will be presented to the membership at the next club meeting.
Section 4. By-Laws can be changed by a 2/3's (two-thirds) vote of all members present at a meeting.
Section 5. By-Law changes become effective immediately following approval by the membership.

So anyone wishing to propose a by-law change should make a thread in the MO section. Include the Article, section and such with your changes or additions. Also keep in mind we need the majority of the membership present for these types of things. This has been discussed before and we don't have an official quorum like in Robert's Rules but the officers use their judgement.
Planning to be there!
Everyone should really try to attend this meeting seeing as there are by-law changes on the table. We need a good part of the club there to make that happen.
Planning on being there. Hey I'm eligible for vote in, again.
Will be their.
Here is the info in the track for those who have never been there. The meeting will be held up stairs.

There are 7 lanes to race on


$5 for car and controller rental

track time is rented in 15 min increments per lane

$8 for 1 hr of track time
$24 for 3 hrs of track time
$120 for 15hrs of track time and a free car

Hope to see you there!
We will be there but most likely for the meeting only
not going to make this all 3 kids have the flu. and i might be a carrier, hope everyone has a good time. Brian i have my calender money.

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