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Operation vortec meet toyota
Just picked up a fully dressed 5.3L vortec out of 04 truck. This will keep me out of trouble for a while. Or according to my wife in trouble for a while
i'd love to have 1 for the wifes 1960 Willy's wagon. good score.
who is doing the wiring harness, programing and mounts? What are you doing for the torque converter?
Just run the 04 drive train. I have a trans adapter to run a pass drop t case for sale
It even has a plug for the vehicle speed sensor
I've been doin a lot of research on this. I don't have all the answers yet but I have a pretty good idea. You can pretty much go out and buy everything you would need to install this engine. But just like always money is tight. So I will be using my I innovative junk yard approach. As much as i can anyway. I will be using a stock harness from the truck for the engine. I will be eliminating any circuits in the harness that I won't be using. I have to send the ECU in to get flashed for my application. I will need to coordinate that with what I do to the harness. The motor mounts I'll just make my self that won't be to bad. I will be using the turbo 400 tranny with the vortec. The tranny will bolt right up but the flex plate and torque converter don't bolt right up. There are two options you can shim the flex plate or buy a new flex plate designed for this application. Getting the fuel hooked up is my biggest unknown right now but I'll figure it out. Looking ford to diving into this head first. It will probably take me all winter if not longer just to get all the stuff together and get all my ducks in a row before I do the swap.
Sounds like you got a direction to go atleast.
We should talk someday, I have done all that x2 but doing the finish work on the harness (fuses and relays). I have poly mounts already made if you are interested.
Got started on the swap. Got motor mounts all fabed up. Waiting for the flex plate to show up. Then I'll pull the back out finish welding the mounts
Nice, what header did you use?
For now I will be using the stock manifolds. Eventually I would like to put some shorty headers on it. I have a lot of clearance issues so a full length header would be complete custom setup.
looking good kosmo, I may have an 02 vortec soon for wife's 1960 willy's wagon. also looking at 351 Windsor formy ranger extended cad.
Looks tight. Is there room for full headers or shorty headers to bolt up without frame Modification?
:rockon: I have nothing more....
ALMOST READY TO FIRE!!!!!! Just got done installing the wiring harness. Let's say it was a little challenging to find a spot under the toyota dash to mount the ECM. I think I have 10 hours into that alone. Ended up losing half of my glove box in the prosess but Oh well. Need to finish hooking up gages, bolt up the exaust, finish modifying the vortec shroud so the hood will close and hook up the throttle cable. My last big task will be making the air intake witch I will be making out of 3 1/2 inch exaust tubing and a filter box out of some sheet metal. Hopfully I can start her up in a couple of weeks.
I CANT FREEKIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bad +++.
Cant wait to see it in action...March starts wheeling season!
Very cool, looking forward to seeing it on the trails again soon!
Why does this thread have no pictures??? Hahaha, I am patiently waiting for you and Don to finish your swaps so I learn from your experience.
Getting close! Just finished filter box and intake tube

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​IT RUNS!!!! So excited

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