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Help with my Axles at Eielson Hobby Shop?
I was planning to fix my truck this weekend, but It looks like i'll be on Ambulance services so I can't. I'm planning to bring my truck to the Hobby Shop on Saturday Morning the 25th, and possibly leaving it overnight until Sunday if I can't rebuild it in one day. I've been researching and found all I will need is gasket maker for my issue, where the pumpkin meets the differential cover. My other seals I have replace within the last 2 years, so they should be good. (Plus with just moving I just don't have the money unless it's absolutely nessicary to replace) Basically if anyone could come help me that'd be great, I have to pull out the axle shafts on the front and rear axle and pull out the pumpkin. I'm confident at tearing down it's rebuilding and having the strength to muscle around the pumpkin I don't have.

If anyone has spare time I'll bring fresh baked cookies! I'd really appreciate the help.

If you can't get on base I'll have to sponsor you so let me know before hand if you can make it.

I don't know if I can make it, but if I can, I will.
Thank you, Mall Crawler :]
I'm working on that.

Been a rough couple years.
I'll see. Hard for me to plan out. Not sure how much help I'll be with the use of 1 arm.
cookies? tempting, very tempting! finally getting some quality time with wife with out the kids. she's been a garage widow for almost 3 weeks so sorry i can't help.
Sorry, my weekend was nuts.

Did you have any luck getting it done?

If my shop in North Pole wasn't such a mess I would offer it up for use.
She said the 25th.
And that's why I need more sleep......Whoops, that would've been weird looking around the hobby shop for someone who isn't there.
I have a CPU flash At about 10 am sat. Ill be free after
Is this still happening today?
Not sure but I don't see me making it.
Naw, no one made it. It's okay though. One of my friends helped me.

Did the rear, axle seals, and pulled the pumpkin, resealed the diff. Also changed oil, and fixed my electrical. (Minus one fuse i have to replace every few days.) But i didnt have directionals there for about a week. It was a dislodged wire in my steering collumn.

So pretty much all that's left is my front differential which is still spewing. But life hasnt been so friendly to me lately, so financially, i'm screwed for a while. Most likely i'll just come to the meeting and miss the next run..
You could always do the run as a ride along if you're not opposed to that.
I'm very much fine with that, and would love it. Just to see the type of terrain we have. But I'd rather take mine! Haha I just know the smarter choice is to not, not until I get my new truck. If anyone knows of an open seat who wouldnt mind taking a prospect, let me know!
Many apologies for not being able to make it to the axle repair.

I will have an open seat. If you don't mind riding along with three kids.
I might have a open seat, usually do. I am going to be working on a couple cars this weekend on Saturday if you want to stop by and do the front axle. Should be pretty easy, I have done a few. I can also look at your electrical problem.
Never going to get used to the whole waiting for admin approval for my post to show up.
If you still need the front end looked at hit me up and we can get it taken care of.
AK Machine Wrote:Never going to get used to the whole waiting for admin approval for my post to show up.

It happens to everyone until you are an official prospect....then sometimes the system still does it. I had to moderate one of my own the other day! I am SLOW weekdays since I am rarely online until 7pm. Weekends is hit and miss
I completely understand. I am a Mod on and some times I have to mod my threads as well. Some times I end up making them sticky with out even trying.

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