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I'm Adriana. I just PCSed up here from California and i'm stationed on Eielson AFB. I'm looking for some friends to go wheeling with. My rig is my daily driver, at least for the next few months. My truck is my heart and soul. I've poured every penny I have and all my spare time into it. I hope I can make it to the next meeting to meet some of you all.

[Image: 394251_570271389679204_1093513134_n.jpg?...e=54AA8C3A]
Welcome to the site, we have a club ride coming up on 8 Nov that you are welcome to come out to, our next meeting is on 15 November in Fairbanks. Read the by laws for the trucks requirements. This should be a great Snow wheeling trip with fun for all levels of rigs. Glad to see more Yota's out, I have been out numbered on the past few runs!
nice to see you stopped in to visit! hope you enjoy alaska and get some good rides in.
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site. Browse around and check out the gallery as well. Hope to see you on the trail or a meeting soon.
Welcome to the site. Hope to meet you at the next club meeting.
Thanks guys! Can't wait for the next run.

I was wondering am I only allowed to post on other parts of the forum after I reply a certain amount of times to threads? I wanted to start a thread in the General section but I couldnt.
We have some limited access for registered users.
You get more access once you are a prospect and even more as a member.

Sometimes your posts require "moderation" and we never know why. Post them up and usually within a day or so I have been online and approve them.

Next meeting 11/15, probably at the slot car race track in Fairbanks..but that has to be watch for Membership meetings.

Next run is over Veteran's weekend 11/8, and will require usual club equipment and arctic survival gear since we will be way out of town. Keep an eye on the upcoming rides section.
You should be able to post in the general 4x4 section, tech section, upcoming rides and classifieds. Maybe more. Give it a try again. If it doesn't work let us know.
Can she get build section permissions as a new newbie?
I'll try again. It may have been my secure network at work I'm not sure. But i'm having a tech issue I need some Yota guys advice about.
I am having issues as well. I cannot post in the Open forum.
Must be a newbie/mall crawler status thing Smile
Oh you better not be talking about me. Petey. Hahah, take that back before I crawl right over your truck, Sir. Haha
Under my name is says Mall Crawler, so he's talking about me.
Well, If the shoe fits.....Wink
You know what to do !

However, My truck is probably the prettier of the bunch of us. I fit the mall crawler status for a while
My K-5 will never be "pretty".
It has a nice personality though!
Like an Angry Viking that's seen it's share of battles.
Quit hijacks threads, start your own thread "my truck is as Ugly as Me" so everyone else can get on with there life!

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