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October Meeting
This will be held at Kevin's house in Delta with Breakfast being provided for a nominal fee to cover the cost of food. Post up in this thread if you are planning on attending so we can have a head count for the meeting and trail ride interest. I will let Kevin post up the directions and price.

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I'll be there with two kids. Most of the time anyways.
Me + one. Wheeling.
What us the date and time?
Myself and 3 more.

Wheeling afterwards
Make sure you check the other thread concerning wheeling. The DTA is closed. 33 mile is a no go
I talked to Mel, I talked to range control and I am still waiting to talk to Kevin. I will post up what's going on by tonight's end. Is there any interest? Not many have posted up. If you know you don't want to go to Delta you can post up too just so I who is in and who is not
i'm interested but not sure if i'm gonna be ready . lot's happening next week . i don't have to go to work but i have plenty to do at home.
We will be at the meeting but no wheeling for me.
I am still waiting on Kevin, but range control said for right now we are good to use Jarvis creek and 12 mile crossing. This can change and we have to verify late next week. If 33 mile doesn't happen we WILL have a meeting and run, I am just not sure how far we will shift it. Possibilities is Banner (but that will be in Nov too) 55 mile and Fairbanks Creek. All have pluses and minuses for member and prospect participation. Everyones opinion counts.
I can't wheel..we go to HIPOW that night and Audra has already threatened me....not even veiled!
I do hope to have should be able to do the math on your clothing...but final prices out later
Or we can just meet up and fix my 3 broken toyotas and I will buy food and drinks all day/ night long:whistle:
i want a run. but might turn wrench's supposed to snow close around us in the hills this weekend. getting time with wife. but next weekend i should be ready. 55 mile or fairbanks creek are good for me.
Long ride going to delta then all the way back up past fairbanks for a ride. But I can't wheel so I should stay out of it.
I know I am no rocket scientist or anything but we would end up moving the meeting location to go with the trail ride location. But I have faith that we will be good to go for 33 mile. But I am waiting on Kevin to see if there are any other trails in the area just incase that we can hit 33 mile trail. There has to be other places with all that open land and mountain ranges.
Ok. I think 33 mile will be fine. If it does change location I won't make it. I'm already going to delta for other things that day. But I'm good on meetings so that's ok.
If no one is interested in wheeling that's okay, but I'm up for whatever we can do.
Make up our mind or I will be the only cool one

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My vote would be to hold the meeting at Kevin as long as he is still good with it. Has become a regular deal.
I won't make it next weekend. I have an appointment in Anchorage on Friday and won't be back.
Talked to Kevin, the meeting / breakfast will be at his house 9am. He will post up directions and $$ amount to cover breakfast. We are doing one of several trails in The Delta Area, we may start at a differnt trail head then usual. Kevin is also going to invite some locals to play with us.
$5 breakfast.

There is an alternate entrance to the 33 mile loop area, so even if 12 mile crossing is closed we should be able to make it.

There are other trails in the area as well.
Me and a friend will be heading down. We plan on leaving North Pole around 07:00 saterday if there is anyone who wants to meet up for the drive down.
I am up for a convoy....haulin the mail in my blizzacked-sable!
I'll meet up as well. I'll be rolling in the blizzacked neon probably.
We will be leavening about the same time.

I am gambling and running on BFG KO non-studded tires. Wish me luck.

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