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October Meeting
Who's planning on going wheeling?
I'm out, Bus run sucked up all my time I didn't have anyway. Have to get the driveway cleared off and get started on my duramax frame swap which won't be much fun, at least the body is already off. Cant afford to have it tin the shop much longer! Have fun
I'll be pulling the K-5 down there with the Duramax. Max is getting a new set of BFG A/T KO's siped on Friday and should be good to go. Did it this last weekend with worn out Bridgestone Duravis tires and did just fine.
still working in garage and yard . plus t-case in explorer started jumping i'm down for 2 weeks.
won't make this trip.
Kozmo Wrote:Who's planning on going wheeling?
Voss was mentioned as coming
delta folks

I have an email out to Eric with the Mog to see if he is coming.
not sure if AKRubicon is ready for another trail yet.

Also agenda items
...2015 Calendar concept. Stampede gave some nice we can discuss if there is interest in me spending time to make this happen
....American Tire attendees for the record
....missing meeting minutes from meetings I missed
Anyone up here in Fairbanks/NP area able to meet up with Voss and convoy down with her and her husband?

As for me I have what I think is at least one blown front shock in the LandPig. Lots of heavy suspension clunk when I hit bumps and cracks in the road from up there. BTW text me your names please, phone had to be reset to factory (541)297-0851
I can be at the Tesoro on badger at 0700 Saturday morning. We can all meet there and head out.

Check the contact thread for name and number to reset your phone.
get with Kozmo he leaving North Pole around 7am
Val and I are going. Will need directions or follow some one.
Tell her to meet at the tesoro.

Yellow house on left just after delta power sports.
Mile 271.5 Richardson hwy.
Delta Power Sports (used to be Polaris) is about 2.5 or 3 miles past the bridge
I'm just 1/4 mile past Delta Power Sports on the opposite side of the road.
yellowish strange colored house.
Sign on shop says "Knight's Garage"

Parking in driveway and or yard in front of shop is fine.
to make room for trailers:

Meet at Sourdough Fuel, North Pole in the Beaver Brook Mall at Hurst and Badger at 0700
Val and I arise going. What time and where in N Pole.
7 at the NP Tesoro gas station
We always meet at Sourdough on the corner since they have room for trailers and 10 rigs.
I posted the location above in monster font.
Eric and I will be at the Sourdough at Badger and Hurst at 7
Just got back from driving the ambulance to Fairbanks.
Roads are good until the end of Eielson runway, then spotty ice.
Conditions get worse in Salcha, and worse yet at Birch Lake.
From Birch lake to Banner trail head at the top of Tenderfoot seems to be the worse.
Clears up after tenderfoot hill.
Taking off, missing Voss
Had a great day! Thanks to all.

Really enjoyed hosting the breakfast meeting and trail ride.
Glad to be out in the back-country again.
Also good to get Adam out on the trail with us!

Enjoyed meeting new folks as well.

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