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power steering help
So I just installed a 1978 Celica power steering gearbox and a 87 4runner power steering pump in my Sami. I got it all hooked up and fluid throughout the system( I added fluid and then started the Sami and then added as was needed, then let it sit over night to let air bubbles out).+ Today I started up the Sami to test the power steering out and the steering wheel just about ripped my arm off. It just started to self steer to the right. This is while the Sami is idling, parked in my garage, so I know it has nothing to do with alignment. Any body got any ideas. I know there is valve that can be adjusted but I don't know how or where it is.+ Any help would be much appreciated.
when that happened with my dodge's hydro assist, I had the lines on backwards. then air bubbles. Did you cycle it back and forth numerous times ?
I did cycle it. But maybe not enough. If it is air how would you get it out?
Usually it only takes a few times full lock to full lock with a slight pause between each direction. Are you using the correct fluid for the pump and gear box? Is there any foaming of the oil?
There was a little foaming in the beginning when I first added the ps fluid. But after I let it sit overnight there wasn't anymore foam
Try bleeding the system with the front tires off the ground, it took about 40 left's and right's to get air out of mine.
So I think the lines are on backwards. I'm gonna go get a new hose made and then swap them and see if that's it.
Lines were backwards. Changed it up and the it worked great. Sami is ready for wheeling

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