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JunkRunner 2.0
So went a picked up another Toyota yesterday. Lets call it.. JunkRunner 2.0. Paid $1800 for it. Electrically sound, all lights and devices function properly. PO slid it into a snow bank and added a couple small dings to passenger side..and the promptly did something to cause serious knocking in the bottom end. Plan is slap in a new engine, mild (3inch) lift and 31's or 33's whichever look right. We shall see what happens after that.


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So I have already ripped the interior apart so that Patty could do her deep clean detailing magic.

[Image: 1529851_732062393526553_5407695616442086371_o.jpg]
[Image: 10608236_732062433526549_5569163151306738805_o.jpg]
Short notice but I sure could use an extra set of hands pulling this motor out. As far as I can tell it needs to be seperated from the transmission and I need to remove the AC compressor so I dont have to crack the lines. I need to get this out this week in hopes to get it to port and sons to get rebuilt. I am heading to Fort Irwin this Sunday until next Thursday. Sooner the FJ40 needs to get into the garage. Appreciate any helping hands.
When? Wed and sat are out for me.
I can do anyday after 1700 until Saturday. I fly out just after midnight.
Word back from Port and Sons. They cannot get the head bolts to come out sooo, yeah they can't rebuild it. I am seriously considering the 2UZ swap. Should be good times I guess.

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