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Super Winch vs WARN
warn hs9500i vs superwinch ts 9500
thoughts? real world use? which one is a pain? too fast or too slow? preferences? I did some online searching and seems to get multiple observations.
looking for hands on experience here.


That Superwinch is slow 4ft/min at 9500. That's less than 1"/second. The Warn is 50% faster. Free spool speed is also 19ft/min vs. 47ft/ min. For the Warn 9500cti. The link you provided was for info on the 9500i. That model has been discontinued.

There are several local Warn distributors if parts are ever needed. I'm not sure about Superwinch.

As someone who has experience with two very slow winches, I'd recommend the Warn.
Faster pull always wins in my book.

I don't think there is a reliable quality difference....both have huge user groups.

The superwinch model is ENTRY LEVEL!
You DON'T want an entry level winch!
if speed is an issue snatch blocks always speed things up and add strength to pulling. fast electric winch is warn 8274 8000lbs. and can be made faster with a motor doubler.
Steve had a warn 9500ti if I remember correctly. We were down on boulder and everyone had to winch through a bog. He anchored on the other side and winched those without a winch. UT had to be one of the faster winches I've ever seen. Speed is nice. I have a slow winch. But it pulls while drawing little amps, with my smaller battery this helped. It also just keeps pulling. I.winched myself and Chris dodge for over a 1/4 mile. Never got insanely hot and never quit. That day two warns had to take a rest. Keep in mind it's not just speed. But speed is nice.
I have had my super winch for three years. I've submerged it several times while in use and never had a problem with it. It is a little slow but has a always drug me thru (so far). Been really happy with it but I have never owned a warn so I wouldn't know the difference. I do like the cordless remote warn offers I would almost buy one just for that feature.
Superwinch is your only choice.
So far I live every warn I've ever owned

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