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groomed prospect passing away
I was grooming a guy to become a member. He just passed away leaving his little girls and wife behind. He was interested and getting his 4 door FJ ready to wheel and show up to this next meeting to apply for prospective status. He was a little wild but a good guy willing to learn how to wheel and tread lightly. He was usually the guy getting stuck out on south fairbanks trying to rescue others at the butt crack of midnight. I havent contacted the family, but I would like to propose we help the family with getting his FJ trail ready for the family to to continue his passion. I will provide my new shop for the build location. If anyone would like to help, post up so I can address this to the family.
Are the parts already bought?
sad to hear about their loss, seems like a good thing to do if the family is still interested. 4 door FJ is vague...what flavor of land cruiser are we talking about and we can start with that.

I think it is a 1960 land cruiser. follow the link.
I messaged the widow and asked for her response when she feels it is time or if she wishes to pursue this. It was running pretty good but it needed some offroad "touches" to fit a larger tire. I was thinking some fab work and donated parts. I know he was he was driving it around for recoveries.

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