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Gilmore Trail reroute comments
Gilmore trail administrative reroute public comments
I am adding this to our Trails Advisory agenda.
Should we do another AO group letter?
I have asked Eric Troyer to post up his group's letter here.
I have it as a PDF that went out to the Trails Advisory Commission but we can't attach it. They have some good thoughts as several folks in the group know about building sustainable trails. One issue I see with one of the reroute options (to reroute the trail following power lines) could mean property owners may be able to say no to highway vehicles.

Looks like the need for reroute would be 2015..not everyone has time to think if DNR allows.
Can they really change just a part of trail designation? When I read the link I didn't see much of a issue, but I am not very familiar with this trail. I have only been to a small portion of it a couple of times.
There is a way around property owners with right of ways. Geoff Orth knows a lot about that within the DNR. Problem with the trail being on powerlines is now you have to rights of ways conflicting.
So we talked about this as the TAC meeting tonight.

Nothing looks hinky.

I cannot do the letter as I will sign the letter of support for the Trails Advisory Commission.

I propose the Pres print and sign something like this and get it faxed to DNR.

R. Bruce Sackinger
DNR, DMLW, Northern Region Lands Section
3700 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99609-4699

RE: proposed administrative reroute of RST 644, Cleary Summit -- Gilmore Dome Trail

This letter represents the opinion of the members of Arctic Offroad, a Fairbanks-based club advocating the use of properly equipped highway vehicles off road.

We support the administrative reroute, with the stipulation that the new trail is sustainable and allows all current users to continue safe recreation. This area, as you are aware, is accessed by a a wide variety of trail users such as runners, bikers, snowmachiners, skiers, ATVs, horses and highway vehicles.

The newly rerouted trail should conform to the Alaska State Parks Interim Trail Management Handbook.

we recognize the coexistence of recreation, mining and the mission of the DNR and are thankful for the opportunity to be involved in this process.


Don...the fearless leader.
Sure, I can do this
Thanks Dr. For drafting this up for me. I sent it in.
just found this thread after remembering a comment made on 2015 clean up day run. did they keep up there agreement Doc?
I don't think the construction we got into were part of the redirect.

I have not heard back from Parks and Rec...and was not able to make the last meeting

I will update once I have heard something.
The Mine is going to expand to the west if the ore anomaly goes at way.

We are expecting the proposal to show up in the next couple of months. It sounds like the mine will move deep into Federal land to the west of the trail we saw cleared.

This may require a dramatic trail move!

More to come as this evolves.

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