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Well I will be back in fairbanks soon.
I tried to post on the noob thread. Well whatever. I'm joe I went to college at UAF a few years back and now I am moving back up here. I have a k5 blazer, the rest is in my profile. Looks like I will have fun up here!Smile
Welcome! It's not true if there is no pictures. Let's see some with your rig in action!
is this the beginning of a k5 takeover? Smile
Why yes it is Smile
I posted stuff to the photo gallery.

[video=youtube;dz8tGOsRjRQ] feature=c4-overview[/video]
Welcome to the site, when are you going to be back in Fairbanks? We are all ready starting to plan this years trail rides. Hope you can make it out.
looks cool!

should be really good for our trails up here
Well I should be up there in about a month or so, gotta drive a u-haul. The k5 in a few months, I will be defiantly wheeling with y'all when I get it up there.
[video=youtube;zo_izSm41FU][/video] What I have been doing down here.
#9 Last Wheeling trip before I start heading up to alaska again on the 31st!
Get up, settled and you will be in time for some fun wheeling through the first part of November.

Do you drive the K5 or trailer?

Petey is hoping for more K5s...but his actually has to hit a trail to count...
I drive mine on the street, no trailer here. I am only running 39.5 boggers. I drove my truck on a 300 round trip the other weekend to an ORV park.

[video=youtube;bbBcBb7UEkQ] Last Wheeling trip before I start heading up to alaska again on the 31st![/video]
my K5 is out of commission . .. it has been been "rebuilt" as a short bed
enjoyed the video.
nice to have some A7X tunes Wink
Well I made it to Fairbanks, 4500 miles in 6 days. I am flying down south soon to bring up the other 2 vehicles I own. The K5 and my other car. I am about to buy a house in NP. I put some teeny 35's on for the drive up. Sorry to hear about your k5, I am sure mine will get hacked up if I keep going down "jeep only" trails. It has a plethora of dents now. Can't wait to wheel with yall.
Glad you made the first trip. Safe travels for the next one. We have a meeting, highway clean up and trail ride May 10th. Hope we see you out soon.
Ok guys sorry I have been working a lot but now I finally got my k5 here now. I also bought an old pipeline k30 and put a minor lift and larger tires. Because hey life is too short to run small tires. I finished towing it from anchorage yesterday and now it is sitting in my driveway in north pole. Before I can go wheeling with y'all which I can't wait to do I have to get it running again.

Before I left alabama I put a holley truck avenger on it and screwed up the timing. I had it idling an then all of a sudden I heard a snap and now the distributor will not turn. I hope that I only broke the dizzy and not my timing chain. Basically I need a hand diagnosing and installing a distributor in a chevy small block and tuning up my rig. I have all the parts and a heated garage and tools. Really what I don't want to happen is me attempt to do this myself and break another distributor. I have a lot of off-road parts sitting around and would be willing to donate my time and/or parts to help out if I could get a hand doing this. I have built most of this truck myself, but engines always seem to give me a difficult time. I live in north pole and am probably going to be working on it next weekend.
If I don't make it to another person's build I may be able to swing by and lend one hand.
Me too. Where are you at?
Thanks guys. I put the k5 in the garage last night. Might need a timing light.
If anyone else wants to assist I will send you my address.. Plan is to get it running and tuned this sat and Sunday. The carb is brand new and was only idled for a few minutes. Probably going to need a timing light if anyone has one that we can use. I live in north pole and my house is easy to find.

Little back story: Truck originally came with a 350 tbi but after I beat it senseless I wanted more power so I assisted in building a 383. The engine has about 700 miles on it, and I would go back to tbi but the cam is too much for that system. So I ran a parts store eldebrock performer and that worked on the street but it liked to stall at extreme angles. Enter the Holley truck avenger, installed it got it idling and heard a snap. Not sure if the timing chain(double roller) or the distributor went bad. Anyone has any insight on this topic or wants to come by and lend a hand it will be appreciated.
See if the crank bolt will turn the motor. Pull the plugs. First.
I mean do that after you check the dist. For breakage. ..
I would say leave the distributor in the engine and pull a valve cover.
Pull plugs if you want.
Pull distributor cap.
Turn engine via crank. If all the valves move as crank rotates, and distributor doesn't = the problem is in the distributor
If no valve movement happens then you know it is the timing chain.
If the front valves move and the ones to the back and distributor don't = broken cam.

Sorry I'm not closer nor plan to be in NP this weekend.
If valves on the front part of
Ill be a little busy sat. But I can swing by after .. Sunday possibly too for a bit
Ok I pulled a valve cover, got a battery charged. Distributor cap is off. Waiting on the wife to get home to hit the key....

I have a spare distributor hopefully its just that....
Now the engine is binding, the distributor did move a little though. Have any of you guys ever heard of a engine doing this kind of thing while idling? Is it possible the distributor being improperly installed is causing this?
Pm sent, give me a call

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