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Well I will be back in fairbanks soon.
Thanks for the help Donald. My timing chain did break at idle. A double roller. Also there was fluid behind the timing cover. So I ordered a new timing chain, new harmonic balancer key, and a new cylinder compression tester kit. Should be here in about a week. Plan is to do a compression test, and if everything checks out reinstall parts. I could use someone knowedgable on sbc to double check my work. Just to make sure I do not break anything else.
How many miles did the engine have on it?
Could you tell if the chain was the cause of the engine binding?
Or might there be another problem?
700 miles on the engine. Chain bunched up and bound the engine. Its spins fine now. Just gotta do a compression test, change fluids, see if all the valve train moves properly when I turn it over, and put it back together correctly.
350 is not an interference motor so valve-train should be fine...
if it was fine before.

Remove all plugs while doing a compression test to make it easier on starter.

When putting on chain, make sure to line it up in the #1 firing position.
Or at least know if you are putting it in #6 so timing isn't an issue.
Kevin- The living SBC knowledge book.
Yep thanks man. So i just line up the timing marks, make sure 1 is tdc, line up timing marks and stab the distributor.
It's all indexed, so as long as you have the marks lined up you will be at #1TDC. You will install the gears without the chain, rotate the cam and crank to line up the marks, remove gears, install chain with gears and torque to spec, And then put in the distributor.
Ok got the new parts: Comp cams double roller timing chain set, new harmonic balancer key, and a cylinder pressure tester kit. If anyone would like to give me a hand installing said parts this saturday it would be much appreciated. PM me for my address.
Sorry, trail ride is Saturday.
Engine is jacked, as in valve slamming into piston bad. I bought another truck. Started a build thread now.

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